Verge Gardens and Adopt-a-Spot

Native grass and purple lavender in verge garden.

Council's new Verge Garden and Adopt-a-Spot Policy and Guidelines make it possible for residents to enhance the verge next to their home.

Verge Gardens

Verge gardens can provide many environmental benefits and create more liveable spaces for our communities. More diverse plantings on verges helps increase biodiversity and green corridors and can help to reduce the urban heat island effect. It may also offer residents a chance to engage with other people in their neighbourhood and contribute to the local community.

The verge is public land and is used for many purposes from putting the bins out to providing important underground infrastructure. Residents must get Council permission before gardening on the verge so that we can keep the verge safe for everyone in the community.

If you are interested in establishing and maintaining a garden on the verge outside your home, check out the Verge Garden and Adopt-a-spot Policy and Guidelines. When you have thoroughly read and planned for your verge garden, complete the Verge Garden Application Form. Please contact if you have any questions.

View our Verge Garden and Adopt-a-Spot Policy and Guidelines, and submit an application using the button below.

Verge Garden Application Form


Have a look at this video to see an example of an Inner West verge garden.  

Verge garden with grass only, under tree . Neville street, Marrickville  Verge garden with ground cover. Park street, Marrickville  Verge garden with native grassess only. Tamar street


Council’s Adopt-a-Spot program allows community groups, schools, businesses, and individuals to enhance and take care of a nominated area of Council managed land other than verges or community gardens.

Adopt-a-Spot activities might include gardening, habitat creation, wildlife watching or citizen science projects.

Before commencing an Adopt-a-Spot, residents must register their proposed Adopt-a-Spot idea and meet with Council’s Urban Ecology Team to discuss the proposal. 

Propose an idea

Adopt-A-Spot register

Below is a list of approved Adopt-A-Spot garden locations. Check back soon for further updates.

  • Yeend Street, Birchgrove 
  • Cameron Street, Birchgrove


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Page last updated: 16 May 2024