Pride Centre

Pride Centre EOIs

In May 2021 Council received a report on the outcomes of an Expressions of Interest (EOI) process for an operator of the planned Pride Centre.

No operator was identified from the initial EOI process.

Council has restated its commitment to opening a Pride Centre at Newtown Town Hall.

Council is undertaking further investigation including opportunities for potential partnerships, addressing barriers and identifying potential resourcing support for the operation of the Pride Centre.

Updates will be posted on this page when further information is available.


In 2018 Council investigated hosting a Pride Centre in the Inner West and consulted with the community. View the Engagement Outcomes Report 

In 2020, Council resolved to make the Newtown Town Hall available for Pride Centre operations.

Pride Centre Purpose

The Inner West Pride Centre is intended to:

  • Provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for the LGBTIQ community
  • Address social isolation of all risk groups within the LGTBIQ community by providing a safe, accessible space to connect, gather, and support
  • Where appropriate, provide access to services and programs (with particular emphasis on services and programs responsive to the Inner West LGBTIQ community)
  • Support capacity building within the community

Pride Centre project

Council recognises and values the community of the Inner West who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and other diverse sexual orientations and genders.

The community was invited to help create a vision for the Pride Centre.  The community engagement has canvassed a diverse range of issues and themes focusing on

  • Welcoming
  • Safety
  • Access

87% of respondents to the Pride Centre survey said it was very or extremely important to have a Pride Centre in the Inner West.

View the community engagement process and outcomes 

Newtown Town Hall was identified as a prime location for the Pride Centre, that aligned with the community vision. 

Newtown Town Hall

Newtown Town Hall is a two story, heritage building located in Newtown Square in the heart of Newtown. The building requires significant, complex remedial work that will require the building to be vacated by the current tenant, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC) is a not-for-profit organisation which has been working since 1977 to create a more inclusive, resilient, vibrant and self-reliant community. NNC supports the local community through a variety of programs including Boarding House and Homeless Outreach, Aged Care Social Support, and Targeted Early Intervention programs focused on supporting families. NNC also runs fundraising events which bring the community together to celebrate the unique vibe of Newtown while also supporting those doing it tough, including the annual Newtopian sleepout and the iconic Newtown Festival.

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC) currently occupies the Newtown Town Hall. The works scheduled for the Newtown Town Hall have opened an opportunity for the NNC to move to new premises which better suit their operations. The NNC has agreed to make a building in Darley Street, Newtown known as the Tom Foster Community Centre their permanent home. The move has many benefits for NNC, its staff and clients, including:

  • Customised space: NNC will work with Council to re-design the building’s layout according to their needs. This includes specialist rooms for confidential programs such as drug and alcohol counselling
  • TFCC has a terrace and garden which offer the potential to expand NNC programs to an inviting outdoor space
  • The building is accessible by public transport and has on-site parking
  • There is potential for NNC to bring together their staff, who currently work across two locations in Newtown and Stanmore

Council will liaise with the NNC about their group activities at the upgraded Newtown Hall. 


Will Newtown Town Hall remain available for the community?

Yes, it will be built into the Expression of Interest (EOI) that community access to hire the hall remains.

What’s the indicative timetable?

  • NNC will work with Council late 2020 on a design and move to the upgraded premises at Tom Foster Community Centre in late 2021
  • The EOI process for NTH will take place in early 2021
  • Newtown Town Hall master planning and works will take place 2021/22
  • It is intended to open the Pride Centre in time for World Pride 2023

How does Council support the LGBTIQ community?

Council works with the LGBTIQ community through the LGBTIQ Working party. We’ve programmed local Mardi Gras events including Feel the Love and the Rainbow Flag Raising, supported the Marriage Equality Campaign and Gender and Diverse Aquatic and Recreation Programs, installed Pride Seats, implemented the Welcome Here program, commissioned a gateway mural and prioritised actions and strategies to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ communities.

Council will continue to run a range of LGBTIQ programs prior to the opening of the Pride Centre.

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