Homelessness is a significant and growing issue in the inner west community and takes many forms including sleeping rough, couch surfing and staying in unstable or overcrowded accommodation.

The drivers of homelessness include a shortage of stable and affordable housing, family violence, long-term unemployment, family breakdown, mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse.

Council has developed strong partnerships with a range of homelessness services and state government agencies to address homelessness in our local community. Multi-agency outreach teams walk the streets and parks of the Inner West, mostly around Ashfield and Newtown, and have helped dozens of people to move into their own home. These teams include staff from Inner West Council, Department of Family and Community Services (Housing), Sydney Local Health District, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, Missionbeat, Wesley Mission, Youth Off The Streets, NEAMI Way to Home, Launchpad and The Exodus Foundation.  

Community Outreach

Watch this video on how Newtown Community members are taking action on homelessness.

How to Help 

Anyone who is concerned about the welfare of a person who is sleeping rough can contact Missionbeat on 1800 306 461.

Homelessness Services 

There are a number of services within the Inner West that are dedicated to assisting people experiencing homelessness.

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Page last updated: 18 Apr 2019