Out of School Hours Care

Waitlist applications

To add your child to the waitlist for Council's out of school hours care (OSHC) services, download and complete this application form:

Email your completed form to council@innerwest.nsw.gov.au. Please do not submit application forms to the school or the centre directly.

For more information about the waitlist, or to change any details previously supplied, email the OSHC Administration Officer at stephen.crimston@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

Inner West Council's out of school hours care services provide a safe, supervised and fun place for your child. Our programs provide a wide range of supervised creative, recreational and play activities that assist in the social, emotional, creative and physical development of your child.

Below is a listing of Council-operated out of school hours care (OSHC) services.

Camdenville OSHC

Camdenville OSHC is committed to creating a welcoming environment that fosters open communication between the citizens of our community.

As educators we believe “play” provides the foundation for children to become competent and capable learners.

Educators will provide children with opportunities to participate in a variety of experiences to further develop life skills, in a safe, caring and engaging environment whilst having fun.

This will be achieved by:

  • Children being offered a choice
  • Age appropriate programming
  • Child initiated ideas and planning
  • Family input

Educators recognise children as unique and commit to work with our children to appreciate and welcome our differences and similarities.

We believe all families and children should be heard, respected, valued and included.


Helen Scott
Camdenville OSHC Service
Wells Street, Enmore
Located on the grounds of Camdenville Public School

(02) 9392 5601


Morning care: 7am – 9am
After care: 3pm – 6pm
School holiday care: 7am – 6pm


5-12 year olds – children attending kindergarten to year 6 at Camdenville Public School

Ferncourt OSHC

Ferncourt OSHC offers a program that facilitates the development of children’s living and social skills with the aim of creating resilient citizens that make positive contributions to their community.

We are committed to:

  • The provision of a program and environment that supports the development of life skills and social skills
  • A program where children and educators appreciate the natural environment and practise sustainability
  • Supporting children to develop a life long love of learning, experimentation and exploration
  • Providing a child led program where educators offer different experiences and activities that are developmentally appropriate, engaging, safe and fun
  • Collaborating with parents and carers to provide appropriate, individualised care
  • Helping children feel a sense of belonging to their local community
  • Valuing each educator's individual strengths and supporting each other in the work environment


Veronica Succar
Ferncourt OSHC
Premier Street, Marrickville

Located on the grounds of Ferncourt Public School

9392 5602


Morning care: 7am – 9am
After care: 3pm – 6pm
School holiday care: 7am – 6pm


5-12 year olds – children attending kindergarten to year 6 attending Ferncourt Public School

Marrickville West OSHC

Marrickville West OSHC offers a program in partnership with families and the community that promotes independence and confidence in our children.

We are committed to:

  • Providing a program that is inclusive, safe and fun
  • Providing a wide range of experiences that children can engage in, whilst being supported by their educators
  • Ensuring the environment is friendly, relaxing, caring and warm where children feel a sense of belonging and are able to express themselves
  • Implementing a sustainable program that promotes an awareness and respect for our internal and external environments
  • Ongoing relationships between staff and parents to meet the needs of each child
  • Providing children the opportunities to learn and develop meaningful and life long relationships that include happy memories of their time at OSHC
  • Providing ongoing professional development for all educators working at the centre


Tam Phan
Marrickville West OSHC Service
Beauchamp Street, Marrickville

Located on the grounds of Marrickville West Public School

(02) 9392 5603


Morning care: 7am – 9am
After care: 3pm – 6pm


5-12 year olds – children attending kindergarten to year 6 attending Marrickville West Public School

Stanmore OSHC

At Stanmore OSHC, Educators aim to provide a safe, inclusive and caring environment where children can choose from a wide range of experiences and feel secure and supported.

We commit to:

  • Creating safe spaces where children can be supported and encouraged to try new things and learn new skills
  • Providing a variety of fun experiences where children have the opportunity to collaborate with skilled educators
  • Empowering children to have “a voice” by listening to children’s ideas and suggestions and taking them into consideration in all aspects of the program
  • Providing opportunities for children to engage in the natural world around them through a range of different mediums
  • Sustainable practices where children can care for and learn about their environment
  • Celebrating individual children’s successes and supporting them to reach their personal milestones
  • Welcoming all families into Stanmore OSHC and developing positive and respectful relationships
  • Valuing each Educators unique skill set and supporting each other to develop professionally
  • Collaborating in meaningful ways with the local community and relevant stakeholders


Joni Dunn
Stanmore OSHC Service
Cnr Holt and Cavendish Streets, Stanmore

Located on the grounds of Stanmore Public School

(02) 9550 9732


Morning care: 7am – 9am
After care: 3pm – 6pm
School holiday care: 7am – 6pm


5-12 year olds – children attending kindergarten to year 6 attending Stanmore Public School

Wilkins OSHC

Wilkins OSHC educators aspire to deliver a program where children recognise the importance of valuing the natural environment and sustainability and the roles they have as responsible community members.

Wilkins OSHC commits to:

  • Practice in ways that are always inclusive, caring, friendly, fun and safe.
  • Collaborating with each unique family in ways that are respectful and supportive. We extend this sense of openness and esteem to our relationships with other stakeholders and the wider community.
  • The provision of an environment and a program that offers children opportunities to engage in many experiences that support their development into healthy, happy and resilient community members. .
  • The facilitation of a range of developmentally appropriate and enjoyable leisure and recreational experiences that arise from the needs and interests of each of our unique children.
  • Constant professional development and maintenance of; our understanding of children and their development, the delivery of innovative, high quality care and education and authentic reflective practice.


Joanne Attard
Wilkins OSHC Service
McRae Street, Marrickville

Located on the grounds of Wilkins Public School

(02) 9392 5605


Morning care: 7am – 9am
After care: 3pm – 6pm


5-12 year olds – children attending kindergarten to year 6 attending Wilkins Public School

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