Cavendish Street Early Learning Centre

Note from the Coordinator

Children learn through play – by doing, investigating, exploring and discovering. By stimulating and satisfying the child’s natural curiosity, play develops physical, academic and social skills, and forms the basis of life-long learning. While preparing children for future academic learning, we acknowledge their right to play, explore and learn in a supportive and relaxed environment.

We know that for children to be able to gain the most from any learning environment they must first feel safe and secure and a sense of belonging. Emotional security and well being are essential for children to reach their potential.

Part of Cavendish Street's philosophy is the belief that family grouped (or whole age range grouping) opportunities are of benefit to all children. Our philosophy for multi-aged grouping comes from the belief that our centre is a community space in which children build relationships with peers and educators based on interests and friendships rather than being placed in a group simply because they are a certain age. We believe grouping children in this way provides them with opportunities to interact freely with their siblings and peers of all ages to build strong meaningful relationships. It is our belief that younger children learn a great deal through their observations of older children at play and older children gain a positive sense of self through opportunities to nurture and support the younger children at play. This peer support builds respect and unity across age brackets, allows siblings to remain together and fosters a sense of community.

We aim to work in partnership with families and strive to build strong relationships where families view our service as a community space of education and care. By developing strong, respectful partnerships through honest and open communication, we can work together to maximize each child’s potential.

Our service is staffed by a team of educators who are enthusiastic, motivated, and driven in their shared passion for early childhood education. Educators actively encourage acceptance of diversity and promote equity within play experiences through teaching practices and role modelling and respectfully reflecting on and challenging inequity.

At the Cavendish Street Early Leaning Centre, we believe that the environment in which we spend our days together should be relaxing, inviting, inspiring, predictable, safe, inclusive, welcoming and pleasing. Relationships flourish in an environment that is consistent, nurturing and pleasing, particularly if the environment welcomes and embraces the diversity of the community that exists within it.


Amy Breen

Centre Coordinator

Cavendish Street Early Learning Centre
142 Cavendish St Stanmore 2018 
Centre email :
02 9392 5607

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7.30 am – 6.00 pm


0 to 6 yrs


$130 per day

Waiting list

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Page last updated: 25 May 2020