Annandale Children's Centre

Find us at

47 Trafalgar Street, Annandale NSW 2038


Noory Golamy, Centre Coordinator

02 9392 5649


Monday to Friday
7.45am to 5.45pm


0-6 years


Children in the 0-3 years room $135 per day
Children in the 3-5 years room $131 per day

Note from the Coordinator

Our core values at Annandale Children's Centre are as follows:

  • Fostering a deep and meaningful connection between a child’s home, our service and the wider community.
  • Offering innovative learning programs that make meaning and use of the everyday world.
  • Providing inquiry-based learning through a wide-array of open-ended and natural resources.
  • Establishing a partnership between families and educators that is collaborative, cooperative, authentic
  • Providing our children, families, and educators with an environment that is warm, welcoming, calming, and home-like.

Our standard

At Annandale Children's Centre we are pleased to be Exceeding the National Quality Standard.

Rating logo exceeded

Waiting list

To join the waiting list for all Council-operated long day care and preschool services please complete the online waiting list application form at the link below:

Apply to be on the waiting list

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Page last updated: 21 Oct 2021