Parks maintenance

Council has a team of staff who maintain our parks on a full time basis.  We aim to achieve the following turf maintenance standards 90% of the time, noting that it may not always be possible to meet standard in periods where there is warm weather and high rainfall.

Park type

Grass height maintenance standard (under normal weather conditions)

Weed content maintenance standard

Regional Parks -

Receive a high level of use and are very important to the community and beyond. The parks are maintained to a high standard (eg. Ashfield Park, Camperdown Park and Pioneers Memorial Park)

35mm – 60mm

<10% in any 1,000m2

Sub-Regional Park

Receive a moderate level of use and generally only attract visitors from the local LGA and surrounding community (eg. O’Dea Reserve, Reg Coady Reserve and War Memorial Park)

35mm – 70mm

<15% in any 1,000m2

Neighbourhood (Pocket) Park -

These are small parks which receive a low level of use for passive recreation by local residents within walking distance (eg. Hearn Street Playground and Trevor Street Reserve)

35mm – 70mm

<20% in any 1,000m2

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Page last updated: 13 May 2021