Our adult classes work on the basic principles of teaching freestyle. Classes run for 45 minutes and are held in the indoor 20metre pool.

The number of students in our learn to swim classes is as follows:

  • Learn to Swim: 7 maximum
  • Stroke Correction : 8 maximum

We offer the following adult learn to swim programs:

Adult learn to swim - beginner

This class if for people who:

  • Are non swimmers
  • Are unable to exhale under water/unable to put face in water
  • Have No water confidence
  • Cannot float
  • Unable to propel through water
  • Have a fear of water or have had a previous bad experience

Adult learn to swim - intermediate

This class if for people who:

  • Are able to submerge under water
  • Have some swimming experience
  • Can propel through water with rudimentary breaststroke or freestyle
  • Have a little water experience
  • Can propel through the water for 5-10 metres

See All Adult Learn to Swim timetables here

Adult stroke correction

If you are tired of being slow or having to rest every fifty metres this class is for you. Our instructors will analyse your stroke and give you advice on how to correct it by using drills that will improve your style as well as help to increase fitness and endurance.

The main focus in this level is on the freestyle stroke. Most participants will be aiming to improve breathing, efficiency of stroke and build stamina. Other strokes can be explored and developed if the group is willing and capable to move forward.

Many elementary skills will be revisited to ensure basics of body position, breathing, floating and recovery have been mastered by the group.

Adult Stroke Correction is for adults who have a basic stroke and breathing skills and can swim approximately 50 metres freestyle without stopping.

Classes commence in the indoor 20 metre pool, to cater for quality practice rather than quantity in the early stages. As the group progresses, classes can move to the oudoor pool to lengthen and challenge students as they show readiness.

Adult swim-fit

The is class is for people who:

  • Are ‘not so confident squad’ swimmer.
  • Are able to swim at least 200m of freestyle non-stop.

The sessions aim to extend the swimmer in their strength and endurance and develop more confidence, achieve personal goals and create good lifestyle habits (and maybe get a little addicted along the way!).

Swimmers can use this squad to help them make the transition to the adult squad classes.

Flippers, pull buoy and hand paddles are required for this squad. Swimmers can join at any time.

This squad swims:

  • Tuesday and Thursday, 7-8pm

Casual entry or decrement passes can be purchased.

Adult squad

The Adult Squad is designed for advanced swimmers who are able to swim 2km or more. Most sessions cover between 3km-4km.

The Adult Squad at LPAC caters for those who enjoy their swimming and wish to do so for fitness or enjoyment, as well as providing challenging sets for tri-athletes, ocean swimmers and masters swimmers.

Flippers, pull buoy and hand paddles are required for this squad. Swimmers can join at any time. Please visit our squads page for more information about adult squads. 

Casual entry or decrement passes can be purchased.


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Page last updated: 12 Aug 2022