PRUAIP - Norton Street

  • Project address:   Norton St Street between Parramatta Rd and Norton Plaza, Leichhardt
  • Project Description: Design & Construction for new crossing in front of Norton Plaza. A safer pedestrian environment into Renwick Lane.

-Streetscape improvements include lifting and replacing cracked and uneven footpath pavements, new street tree planting, understory mass planting, and new street furniture. This providing a safer surface for walking and so engendering a sense of pride in the appearance of the public domain

-Other works include:

+underground electricity

+new multifunction light poles

+ Public Artwork - Chiaroscuro

  • Public Artwork:

 Chiaroscuro is a new gateway light work commissioned for Norton Street, Leichhardt.

Artists Alessandra Rossi and Adam Cruikshank wanted to pay homage to the many Italians who migrated to Leichhardt, particularly those drawn here in the 50s and 60s. This dynamic work comprises many beautiful coloured light cells, connected and suspended above and across the Norton Street entry. The work symbolizes interconnectedness and reflects on the meaning of “chain migration” - with each light cell of varying size and colour - representing the individual Italians that decided to migrate here.

Artist statement  

Chiaroscuro is a dynamic assemblage of multifaceted cell structures which will travel down the street, forming a canopy of colour and intrigue. Each cell structure contains a reflective coloured panel that interacts with its environment. We included references to stained glass, and used geometric forms to symbolise interconnectedness. The artwork also incorporates a fun, exciting and lighting feature of colour and movement. -Alessandra Rossi and Adam Cruikshank

Norton Street Leichhardt -Proposed Art works small photo


  • Progress

The PRUAIP project at Norton St has had 4 major delays due to;

  1. Ausgrid Staff Industrial Action (the were on Strike). The street lights and underground electrical works will now be completed late in Feb ‘22
  2. The artwork pole design is being revised due minor relocations issues due to underground services in the way.
  3. TfNSW approval has been delayed, request for approval  was submitted on  15/04/2021.
  4. the COVID shutdown

The work is now scheduled to be completed by Jul 2022

Streetscape Works:

  • New raised pedestrian crossing completed, drainage grates currently being reinstated for pedestrian access
  • Installation of new MFP streetlight poles
  • Tree planting and install of other landscape
  • Make good of pavements affected by new MFP’s
  • Asphalt of road pavement
  • Line marking –
  • ASP Level 2 property connections currently in progress
  • ASP Level 1 outage for removal of overhead infrastructure
  • Commissioning of streetlighting
  • Temporary service pit infill lids will be replaced upon delivery from Pebblecrete of the pit lids


  • Poles have been installed - see below photo's.
  • Artwork is being finalised and being prepared for installation.
  • Expected completion date: Oct 202
  • Contact:


  • Proposed Artwork Photo
   Norton Street Leichhardt -Proposed Art works


  • Art Work Installation in Progress.

  Norton Street works in progress for Art Installation

Norton Street Work in Progress for  Art installation

  • Pre Works Photo
  Norton Street Leichhardt - Pre works phot
  • In Progress Photos

  Norton Street Leichhardt - Progress shot 1

Norton Street Leichhardt - Progress shot 2

  • Design Plan

Norton Street Leichhardt - Design Plan

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