Community Satisfaction Survey


Inner West Council sought to examine community attitudes and perceptions towards current and future services and facilities provided by Council. Key objectives of the research included:

  • Assessing and establishing the community’s priorities and satisfaction in relation to council activities, services, and facilities
  • Identifying the community’s overall level of satisfaction with Council’s performance
  • Identifying the community’s level of agreement with prompted statements surrounding wellbeing/connectedness
  • Identifying methods of communication and engagement with Council

Micromex Research was commissioned to undertake the work.

The sample consisted of a total of 1,008 residents.

897 of 1,008 of respondents were selected by means of a computer based random selection process using the electronic White Pages.

In addition to this, 111 of 1,008 respondents were recruited face-to-face, this was conducted at a number of areas around Inner West LGA, including Orange Grove Markets/Woolworths, Loyalty Square, Balmain, Addison Road Markets, Marrickville Train Station, Ashfield Train Station and Liverpool Rd (near Ashfield Mall/Library).

The survey was conducted during the period Thursday 13 – Wednesday 26 October 2016 from 4:30pm to 8:30pm Monday to Friday, and from 10am to 4pm Saturday. 


  • The vast majority of residents (96%) agreed that ‘the Inner West area is a good place to live’
  • 85% of residents in the new Inner West Council LGA were at least ‘somewhat satisfied’ with Council performance, of which 51% were satisfied to very satisfied. Females and non-ratepayers were significantly more likely to be satisfied.
  • 97% of residents were aware of the WestConnex project and the majority (57%) were not supportive of it
  • 71% of residents rated the availability and accessibility of council services as ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ and 58% rated Council’s community engagement as ‘good’ to ‘excellent’. These were rated significantly higher by residents living in the Marrickville Ward.
  • 58% of residents rated Council’s community engagement as ‘good’ to ‘excellent’. Those living in the Marrickville Ward rated Council’s engagement significantly higher
  • 70% of residents are ‘somewhat satisfied’ to ‘satisfied’ with Council’s integrity and decision making, although residents aged between 35 and 64 were significantly less likely to be satisfied.

The main drivers of satisfaction are related to engagement with the community, influence on Council’s decision making, and the provision of information to the community. This indicates an interest by residents to be involved in what is happening in the LGA. It is very likely that the merger has been a key contributor to resident perceptions. While levels of satisfaction with these three drivers are currently moderate to low, and that is not to say the community is dissatisfied, a strong focus on lifting the levels would be a priority.

Into the future, the areas of highest concern revolved around the sustainability of local development, with its flow-on effects of traffic congestion, population growth, public transport, parking, green spaces, environmental concerns and infrastructure.

Micromex research agency conducted the telephone survey and statistical analysis of results.

One thousand and eight residents participated in the survey during October 2016 – 897 respondents selected from electronic white pages and 111 recruited face-to-face to gain resident mobile numbers.

The random sample size of 1,008 is representative of the broader community, with a margin of error of +/- 3.1%.

This means that is the survey was replicated, 19 times out of 20 we would expect to see the same result.

The sample profile was determined by ward with:

  • Ashfield Ward – 19% respondents
  • Balmain Ward – 21% of respondents
  • Leichhardt Ward – 19% of respondents
  • Stanmore Ward – 19% of respondents
  • Marrickville Ward – 22% of respondents

Full survey report


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