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Inner West Council is a new council formed by the merger of the former Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils. It was proclaimed by the NSW Minister for Local Government on 12 May 2016.

Council employs over 1250 staff, organised into various sections with different responsibilities.

Administrator Interim General Manager Senior Staff IAG and LRAC


Richard Pearson


Richard Pearson is the Administrator of the new Inner West Council until new councillors are elected in September 2017. The Administrator has the functions of the full council and mayor.

Mr Pearson is a former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Planning and Environment, Mr Pearson has over 25 years’ experience in town planning, organisational change and reform and the leadership of government agencies.

He has close links with local government having started his career at Wollongong and Byron councils and later managing the regional offices of the Department of Planning. This involved front line liaison with local councils in developing their local environmental plans and preparation of regional strategies.

Recently Mr Pearson has been running his own town planning and policy consultancy.

Richard Pearson

Administrator's End of Term Report

This report has been prepared to outline the progress which has been made over the first 16 months of Inner West Council. It catalogues the key achievements made and challenges faced, as well as what the Administrator regards to be some of the key merger-related priorities which the first elected Inner West council will need to deal with.

Administrator's End of Term Report (PDF 667.4KB)

Interim General Manager

Rik Hart spent the first half of his career at Divisional Manager and CEO level in the private sector working in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe. He entered public life in the early ‘90’s to implement government reforms in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in New Zealand leading to his appointment as Director of New Zealand Fisheries.

In the mid-90’s Rik was appointed to the role of CEO of the Department of State Development in Victoria, being one of eight CEOs heading the Super-Ministries or Departments. During this time he helped implement at Victorian and Queensland State level and also at Federal level the introduction of accrual accounting and change management.

In 2000 Rik was appointed as the interim CEO and Chief Executive of Industries New Zealand, before appointment as the Chief Executive at Hutt City Council in 2001. Here he led Hutt City to the Silver Medal in New Zealand Business Excellence (Baldridge).

In 2007 Rik was appointed to the role of General Manager/Chief Executive at Warringah Council under an Administrator. Warringah went on to win a Bluett Award in 2015 as the most progressive Council in NSW that year. At the time of his departure, Council maintained a 94% satisfaction rate from the Warringah community.

Rik has a strong interest in government reform and development of cost effective practices.

Senior Staff and Organisational Structure

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Inner West Council Organisational Chart

Peter Gainsford - Deputy GM Assets & Environment

Elizabeth Richardson - Group Manager Development Assessment and Regulatory Services
Cathy Edwards - Davis Group Manager Trees, Parks & Sportsfields
Kelly Loveridge - Group Manager Procurement & Fleet
Jan Orton - Group Manager Environment & Sustainability
Wal Petschler Group Manager Footpaths, Roads, Traffic & Stormwater
Brooke Martin Group Manager Properties, Major Building Projects & Facilities

Michael Tzimoulas - Deputy GM CFAO

Pav Kuzmanovski - Group Manager Finance
Tanya Whitmarsh - Group Manager Governance
Harin Perera - Group Manager Information, Communications Technology

John Warburton - Deputy GM Community & Engagement

TBA - Group Manager Communications, Engagement & Events
Erla Ronan - Group Manager Community Services & Culture
Josephine Bennett - Group Manager Recreation & Aquatics
Caroline McLeod - Group Manager Library & History Services
Annette Morgan - Group Manager Children & Family Services
Simon Manoski - Group Manager Strategic Planning

Melodie Whiting - Group Manager Human Resources
Joe Strati - Group Manager Legal
Nellette Kettle - Group Manager Integration, Customer Service & Business Excellence

Advisory Groups – IAG and LRAC

Inner West Council has two advisory groups that are helping shape the decisions of the new Council.

The role of the Implementation Advisory Group (IAG) is to provide advice to the Administrator on implementing the new council.

Further details on the Role of the Implementation Advisory Group (IAG) and Meeting Agendas and the Role of the Local Representation Advisory Committees (LRAC) and Meeting Agendas can be found at these links.

IAG Members and Contact details and LRAC Members and Contact details can be found below:

Implementation Advisory Group (IAG) Members and Contacts

Darcy Byrne
0404 528 277

Vera-Ann Hannaford
0418 476 566 or 9560 7482

Lucille McKenna OAM
0408 629 888

Alex Lofts
0401 142 756

Sam Iskandar
0421 494 515

Rosana Tyler
0414 859 630

Local Representation Advisory Group (LRAC) Members and Contacts

Ashfield (LRAC)

Ted Cassidy PSM
0418 228 710

Mark Drury
0448 722 942

Alex Lofts
0401 142 756

Morris Mansour
0417 226 007

Lucille McKenna OAM
0408 629 888

Julie Passas
0419 206 855
(02) 9799 3380
(02) 9798 0295 (fax)

Vittoria Raciti
9716 6191

Adriano Raiola
9712 5080

Max Raiola
9712 5080

Caroline Stott
0418 400 598  or  9716 7198

Jeannette (Mei) Wang
0429 188 608

Monica Wangmann
9797 6543

Leichhardt (LRAC)

Frank Breen
0478 882 716

Darcy Byrne
0404 528 277

Tony Costantino
0401 740 668

Simon Emsley
0422 164 333

Vera-Ann Hannaford
0418 476 566  or  9560 7482

The Hon. John Jobling

0478 882 719

Linda Kelly
0478 882 715

Michele McKenzie
0424 108 045

John Stamolis
0408 448 285

Marrickville (LRAC)

Melissa Brooks

Morris Hanna OAM
0417 660 997

Sam Iskandar
0421 494 515

Victor Macri
0408 219 260

Max Phillips
0419 444 916

Rosana Tyler
0414 859 630

Chris Woods
0425 363 209


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