Citizen of the Year

The 2023 Citizen of the Year Awards were celebrated as part of the Community Awards event on Friday 19 May 2023. See below details for recipients and nominees.

2023 Awards

A great congratulations to all of the nominees of the 2023 Citizen of the Year Awards. We acknowledge and appreciate the work that you all do in the Inner West Community.

Discover more about all the nominees for this year's Awards via the 2023 Community Awards digital presentation.

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Adult Citizen of the Year

Boe Rambaldini


Bundjalung Elder and Inner West local Boe Rambaldini has worked for many years at various levels and in many areas to improve the lives of First Nations people and close the gap. Despite many challenging life experiences, Boe has worked across universities and multiple levels of government create better health outcomes and working conditions for First Nations people.

Erin Spencer & Bec Cerio

Special recognition for fostering inclusion

Erin and Bec co-founded and continue to run the local business Sock Drawer Heroes: Australia’s first and largest online store dedicated to gender expression. Erin and Bec have advocated and supported the lives of LGBTQIA+ people through provision of specialist products as well as regular community-connecting activities.

Kath Wawatai

Special recognition for long term commitment to local live music

The Inner West has benefitted immensely from Kath’s work to grow and develop a thriving and continuously growing local music community. Kath has worked with various creative entities and venues to present one off music events, improve facilities, and create opportunities for young creatives to gain valuable experience in the industry.

Catherine Delaney


Catherine (Cat) is well-known to Balmain locals as she works to collect food and household products, then distributes these to the homeless. Cat welcomes all and thrives spreading the message of the work she does. Cat provides an accessible avenue for local people to provide goods to people in need.

Alan Earls


Alan is a vital volunteer working in the Inner West community in suicide prevention, providing a safe space for those suffering to drop-in and receive the support that they need. Alan has an incredible ability to connect with those in a time of crisis as well as educating in mental health first aid.

Simone Amelia Jordan


Simone is an award-winning writer and music journalist born and raised in the Inner West. In addition to her accolades, she organised youth-focused dance parties and continues to be an active member of the community supporting various local ventures.

John Karavasilias


John is the founder and managing director of MPSR Group, a local family-owned body repair shop. John has worked tirelessly alongside his wife Sarah to grow the business to what it is today despite multiple challenges.

Ben Ross


Ben is the founder of local basketball club Little Ballers, based out of Wilkin’s Public School in Marrickville. Ben has worked tirelessly to create a vibrant local sporting club, providing the physical, mental and social benefits of sport to the Inner West community.

Brooke Watson


Brooke is an outstanding leader in education, currently working at St Paul of the Cross Catholic Primary School. Brooke brings vibrancy and passion to her work, seizing every opportunity to shape the hearts and minds of children by implementing the latest research and evidence-based approaches in education.

Young Citizen of the Year

Amy Johnston


Amy is a natural leader, advocate and artist who has contributed to driving positive and sustainable social change in the community. Amy is committed to amplifying the voice of students via her student leadership role, as well as taking on additional awareness campaigns and projects. Amy’s talent and determination has enabled greater awareness and understanding of the diverse experiences within community.

Lillian Davies, Ruby Hensley, Rose Palmer, Emily Skribinsek

Special recognition as young people for social justice

All four of these young people have participated in significant volunteer work including coordinating fundraising events, forums and initiatives assisting not for profit organisations such as “Days for Girls” and “Mahboba’s Promise”.

Senior Citizen of the Year

Carrie Foster


Carrie is a long-term volunteer at the Hannaford Community Centre in Rozelle who has worked as a tutor in the Tech Health program. Carrie has worked one-on-one with locals over 55 years-of-age to up their computer skills. Carrie is warm, kind and generous is all her interactions with a positive and inquisitive mindset.

Ha-Huong Nguyen

Special recognition for contribution to local multicultural arts

Ha-Huong has provided countless hours and talent to empower local seniors to improve their quality of life through directing and performing Vietnamese dance and music. Ha-Huong’s work has not only seen groups improve their social, mental and physical wellbeing, but has also resulted in high quality performances at various festivals and community events.

Yao Zi MA


Yao Zhi is a long-term volunteer with the Chinese Australian Services Society (CASS), working with the Ashfield Activity Group Social Dance Time. Yao Zhi oversees much of the organisation of this weekly group, as well as group festival celebrations such as Moon Festival and Lunar New Year.

Farid Wilson Silwanis


Farid is one of the fantastic volunteers at Sydney Multicultural Community Services, working on the Community Visitors Scheme. Farid is a committed volunteer, providing in-person and virtual visitations to numerous local people. Through his work, he enhances their quality of life, treating them as if they were his own family.

About the Awards

The Inner West Council Citizen, Senior Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year Awards aim to recognise outstanding contributions from individuals within the inner west community.

Award Categories

Young Citizen of the Year

Recognises the great work of a young community member (aged 24 or younger as of today) who lives, studies or works within the Inner West Council area, and has made a positive contribution to the community.

Adult Citizen of the Year

Recognises the great work of an adult community member (aged between 25-64 as of today) who lives, studies or works within the Inner West Council area, and has made a positive contribution to the community.

Senior Citizen of the Year

Recognises the great work of a senior community member (aged 65 or older as of today) who lives, studies or works within the Inner West Council area, and has made a positive contribution to the community.

Further Information


  • Must not be Members of Parliament, former Councillors, or employees of Inner West Council.
  • Must be nominated by someone other than themselves.
  • Cannot be considered for a second award in a category in which they have already received an award in a previous year; however future recognition is possible in one of the other two available awards.  For example, a person who has previously been awarded a Young Citizen of the Year award would be eligible for consideration under the Citizen of the Year or Senior Citizen of the Year categories in a following year.
  • Young Citizen of the Year Award nominees must be aged 24 years or under at the time of nomination.
  • Adult Citizen of the Year Award nominees must be aged between 25 and 64 at the time of nomination.
  • Senior Citizen of the Year Award nominees must be aged 65 or over at the time of nomination.
  • Council reserves the right to withdraw an award if further information or the recipient's conduct draws the Council awards into disrepute.
  • Awards will not be granted posthumously.

Nomination Guidelines  

The nominee must have contributed significantly to their community in any field. The contribution will demonstrate an active concern for the rights, welfare, wellbeing and/or the advancement of others. Such a contribution could have been made to the general community, community groups, or individuals within the community. A person may be considered who has displayed an act of compassion, generosity or bravery.

Translation Services 

Council staff can help you submit a nomination in English. If you need our help, please call us using the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS). This is a FREE service. TIS phone number: 131 450 Ask the TIS interpreter to call 9392 5177.

消委会工作人可以帮助你用英提交的提名。如果您需要我的帮助,和口TIS电话是一个TIS电话131 450询问TIS传译员何超9392 5177

يمكن لموظفي المجلس مساعدتك في تقديم ترشيح باللغة الانجليزيه. إذا كنت بحاجه إلى مساعدتنا ، يرجى الاتصال بنا باستخدام خدمه الترجمة والتفسير (TIS). هذه خدمه مجانية. tis رقم الهاتف: 131 450 اطلب من مترجم tis للاتصال جوزي في 9392 5177.

Nhân viên Hi đng th giúp bn gi mt đ c bng tiếng Anh. Nếu bn cn s giúp đ ca chúng tôi, xin vui lòng gi cho chúng tôi bng cách s dng Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS). Đây mtmin phídch v. TIS s đin thoi: 131 450 Hi người phiên dch TIS gi 9392 5177

Consiglio personale può aiutare a presentare una candidatura in lingua inglese. Se avete bisogno del nostro aiuto, si prega di telefonare utilizzando il servizio di traduzione e interpretariato (TIS). Si tratta di un  liberoservizio. TIS numero di telefono: 131 450 Chiedi l'interprete TIS di chiamare 9392 5177

Το προσωπικό του Συμβουλίου μπορεί να σας βοηθήσει να υποβάλουν υποψηφιότητα στα αγγλικά. Αν χρειάζεστε βοήθεια μας, παρακαλούμε επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας χρησιμοποιώντας την Υπηρεσία Μεταφραστών και Διερμηνέων (TIS). Αυτή είναι μιαδωρεάνυπηρεσία. ΤΗΣ τον αριθμό τηλεφώνου: 131 450 Ζητήστε από το διερμηνέα TIS να καλέσει 9392 5177

परिषद कर्मचारी तपाईं अंग्रेजी मा एक नामांकन पेश मद्दत गर्न सक्छतपाईं हाम्रो सहायता आवश्यकभने, अनुवादव्याख्या सेवा (TIS) को प्रयोग गरेर हामीलाई कल गर्नुहोस्यो एक होमुफ्तसेवा। TIS फोन नम्बर: 131 450 मा कल गर्न TIS दोभासे सोध्नुहोस् 9392 5177

Pessoal do Conselho pode ajudá-lo a enviar uma nomeação em Inglês. Se você precisar de nossa ajuda, por favor contacte-nos através do Tradução e Interpretação (TIS). Esta é umaLIVREserviço. TIS número de telefone: 131 450 Pergunte ao intérprete do TIS para chamar 9392 5177

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