Lead is a cheap and useful metal found frequently in the environment and in many products.

It was phased out of many products due to its toxicity and impact on health and the environment. 

Lead is still a problem today because it still exits in and around your home and workplace.  These include:

  • interior and exterior paint in homes built before 1970;
  • dust in ceiling cavities, carpets, furniture and in other places where dust tends to accumulate, and in the soil around the home – some of this dust may be from before the 1980s when petrol contained high levels of lead;
  • fumes from the use of tools such as a heat gun or soldering iron to heat up a lead surface;
  • water pipes, leadlight windows, PVC products, lead sheeting and paints in various products.

Further information about lead including a range of fact sheets can be found on the NSW EPA Lead website.

If you wish to make an enquiry or report regarding lead paint on a property, please contact Council online:

Lead paint enquiry or report

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Page last updated: 13 Aug 2019