Tougher penalties needed for asbestos contamination

Thursday 14 March 2024

Media release
Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne

Inner West Council is calling on the NSW Parliament to legislate tougher penalties for businesses and individuals who cause asbestos contamination.

This follows the ongoing closure of the Rozelle Parklands due to asbestos contaminated mulch with no one having been held to account for the contamination as yet.

"The Rozelle Parklands debacle and city-wide asbestos crisis shows that the penalties for asbestos pollution are just too soft as it stands." Mayor Byrne said.

"Almost 3 months since asbestos was first discovered in Rozelle no one has yet been held accountable and the Parklands remains closed indefinitely.

"The EPA definitely needs new powers and more resources to crack down on asbestos pollution.

"There's clearly a systemic problem with the supply chain of recycled mulch and tougher penalties are needed to send a message to businesses that contaminating playgrounds and parks is unacceptable."

Following the failure of contractors to meet the Rozelle Parklands clean-up deadline of February 29, the deadline was extended to March 29.


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