New friable asbestos in Rozelle shows clean-up is off track

Thursday 22 February 2024



Today’s discovery of new friable asbestos at a location on Victoria Road in Rozelle shows that John Holland and CPB are not on track to meet the Environment Protection Authority’s orders to complete all remediation of Rozelle Parklands and surrounding areas by February 28.

This new friable asbestos was found in a location that was meant to have been cleaned up and remediated before now.

The pending failure of John Holland and CPB to adhere to the EPA’s orders for remediation is unacceptable.

These delays also threaten the viability of the upcoming Biennale at White Bay Power Station as the path from the Lilyfield Light Rail station to the Power Station remains closed, making the event inaccessible for most commuters in Sydney.

“We were assured that all testing in Rozelle was completed and that the contaminated mulch at sites along Victoria Road was going to be removed before now,” Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said.

“Clearly John Holland and CPB are not on track to meet next week’s statutory deadline for the complete remediation of Rozelle Parklands and Victoria Road. This is outrageous and a direct consequence of these contractors not taking responsibility and properly resourcing the urgent clean-up of this toxic mess.

“The new discovery of this more dangerous asbestos shows that this nightmare is far from over in Rozelle.

“Worse still, the upcoming Biennale at the White Bay Power Station could become the latest victim of the asbestos crisis if Rozelle Parklands is not reopened in the immediate future.

“The Lilyfield Light Rail Station is one of only two public transport connections to White Bay Power Station. With Rozelle Parklands closed to the public, the Power Station is not accessible from the Light Rail stop.

“Last week, we saw the cancellation of Mardi Gras Fair Day. Now the Biennale, which is expected to attract 800,000 patrons, is imperilled as well. This is a potential disaster for Sydney’s arts and cultural sector.

“Since the discovery of asbestos contamination in the Parklands in January, John Holland and CPB have sought to wash their hands of the problem. Their CEO’s have refused to even respond to correspondence from the Council, come to Rozelle, or meet with anyone from the local community.

“Now we find out that they are not adhering to the legally required schedule for the clean-up of this asbestos mess. They seem to truly believe that they are above the law.”

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