John Holland and CPB can’t be trusted on asbestos clean up

Tuesday 23 January 2024



Following yesterday’s announcement about the clean-up of asbestos contamination in Rozelle Parklands, maximum scrutiny must be applied to contractors John Holland and CPB because they can’t be trusted not to do it on the cheap.

While the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has ordered that the contaminated mulch be removed by February 29, there is still no date for the reopening of the Rozelle Parklands, which could be many months away.

Since the asbestos contamination was detected two weeks ago, John Holland and CPB have been missing in action.

These overseas owned corporations have not made themselves available to our local community nor taken enough responsibility for urgently cleaning up this mess.

With the EPA investigation still ongoing and no legal responsibility for the contamination having yet been determined, these contractors have an obvious self-interest to minimise the cost of the clean up and reopening of the park.

We are worried that they will cut costs, unnecessarily delaying the reopening of the Parklands for months to come.

John Holland and CPB have been terrible neighbours throughout the construction of the Rozelle Interchange, systematically ignoring and minimising complaints from local residents about noise, vibration, traffic and parking impacts.

Our community hasn’t forgotten that the park promised at the St Peters Interchange is still heavily contaminated and unsafe for public use years after it was due to open for the community.

This record of negligence and recklessness gives our community zero confidence that the asbestos clean up and repair of the Rozelle Parklands will be undertaken thoroughly and professionally.

I have now written to the CEO of John Holland and Managing Director of CPB seeking an urgent meeting onsite at Rozelle Parklands. Neither of these very highly remunerated executives have yet agreed to come to Rozelle and discuss solutions to this extraordinary situation.

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