Perfect Match double delight for Inner West

  Friday 31 March 2023

Inner West Council is excited to celebrate the official opening of a stunning Perfect Match Street Art work this weekend.

Some of the youngest Inner West residents will gather at Stanmore Kindergarten on Saturday 1 April to help celebrate First Impressions – 2022 a creation by artists Kim Siew and Nico Nicoson.

The artwork depicts all the little details kids might notice while walking around the Stanmore neighbourhood.

‘We loved this idea of the kids connecting with their community by walking, taking the time to notice the little things they would see while going from place to place,’ said Nicoson.

Saturday’s event will be a New Year-style celebration inviting new children enrolled at the kindy and their parents to explore the artwork and meet the artists.

Meanwhile, inclement weather has forced organisers to CANCEL the Perfect Match Community Celebration at Leichhardt Wanderers/Blackmore Oval scheduled today, Sunday 2 April, 11am-12pm.

Due to the heavy rainfall, there is flooding in Blackmore Oval and in the Leichhardt Wanderers compound.

While the community celebrated the completion of the Stanmore Kindy artwork, local artist Sid Tapia has just completed his Perfect Match Street Artwork at 12 Tebbutt Street, Leichhardt.

The work pays homage to the native flora and fauna and the wildlife found along the Greenway corridor pathway. It is about the magical moments of finding something small, spending time with family and looking towards a future.

The artist hopes "to honour, bring joy and love to people and their communities."

The hugely successful Perfect Match program matches artists with residents and community to collaboratively produce site specific street artworks.

Perfect Match has been in action since 2014 and has continued to flourish over the years, becoming one of Australia's best-loved street art programs.

First Impressions
Location: Stanmore Kindy, 1 Lincoln St, Stanmore
Date: Saturday 1 April
Time: 11am – 12noon
All Welcome: This is a Free event.

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