New $7.5M Inner West Main Streets Revitalisation Program open

01 September 2023

The Inner West Council has opened applications for a new $7.5 M Main Streets Revitalisation Fund. The fund is designed to encourage main streets that are flexible, welcoming spaces that serve cafe culture during the day and mid-week, and dining and live-music culture at night and on the weekends. 

To access the funding, local chambers of commerce, businesses, landlords, artists and community organisations will have to work together to put forward a plan to revitalise their main street.

This will need to include real plans to improve occupancy rates, organise regular activations and events and involve residents in increased activity.

Inner West Mayor, Darcy Byrne said, “We want people back in the shops, we want restaurants and pubs to be full and we want the colour and movement that the Inner West is famous for. We know that Main Street revitalisation depends on businesses, arts organisations and chambers of commerce working together to put forward a plan.”

Mr Byrne said consultations would take place with local businesses, main street property owners, chambers of commerce, community and arts organisations about the nature of the works which would be undertaken through Council’s capital contribution.

“Enjoying fun, vibrant and interesting main streets is one of the key elements that makes the Inner West such an attractive place to live and work,” Mr Byrne said.

“We want to generate new economic activity and pedestrian traffic on main streets.

“By providing an incentive for organisations to work together, through new funding for improved infrastructure, public art and street furniture, Council can facilitate community lead proposals for revitalisation of individual main streets.”

Deputy Mayor, Philippa Scott said “Main streets are a joint endeavour with Council, businesses, residents and State Government all having a part to play in creating a vibrant street life. Council is proud to offer financial support and a forum for these stakeholders to collaborate on shared priorities that Council can then implement.

“I am very excited to see what we can do when we work together to beautify, enliven and activate our spaces.”

Applications will be assessed by an independent panel including the Night-time Commissioner.

A link to the Expression of Interest page is here - Main Streets Revitalisation Program | Your Say Inner West (

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