Inner West students now missing classes due to light rail debacle

Wednesdday 2 February 2022e

Following reports of massive delays for school students travelling along the light rail corridor, Inner West Council is calling on the NSW Government to commence a school special bus service to make sure local students can get to school on time.

The Government must also transparently disclose the data about delays in journey times, with local schools reporting many children arriving late for school in the first week of term one.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said that delays being reported by local parents are considerably longer than what Transport for NSW is admitting to.

“Local schools are reporting many children arriving late in this very first week back since their holidays,” he said.

“I’ve been told by parents that it’s taking up to 1.5 hours for students to get from their homes in Dulwich Hill to their school in Glebe. This is a trip that previously took about 15 minutes.”

"It was obvious from the start of this debacle that a school special bus service would be needed to minimise disruption for schools. The Government's failure to act has meant that this week hundreds of students have been left on the side of the road while oversubscribed buses drive straight past them.

"The Government must come clean about how long these marathon journeys are now taking.”

Deputy Mayor and Councillor representing Dulwich Hill Jess D'Arienzo said that the Government must expedite the reopening of the Light Rail line.

“The end of 2022 is simply too long to wait," Deputy Mayor D'Arienzo said.

"The light rail has a capacity of up to 270 people on each train and travels up to 80 kilometres per hour within its own right of way.

“A Sydney bus carries a maximum of 80 and is fighting through post-pandemic traffic. You do the maths.

"School students, commuters and local businesses will all continue to pay the price until the whole Inner West line is back up and running."

For media enquiries, contact Elizabeth Heath, Media and Communications Coordinator, 9392 5334 or

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Page last updated: 02 Feb 2022