Cruise Ship Condemnation

12 September 2022

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne says the people of Balmain will be justifiably upset with the arrival of P&O’s Pacific Adventure cruise ship into White Bay.

The ship docked at White Bay two days ago and its dirty diesel engines are likely to run 24/7 bringing with them noise and airborne pollutants which the people of Balmain should not have to endure.

“Shore to ship power allowing ships to plug into the electricity grid is the only way to ensure the houses, schools and playgrounds of the local community will not be adversely affected,” Mr Byrne said.

“It’s an insult that in 2022 the public still have to endure last century technology, risking their health from the airborne pollutants which ships like this emit.”

“If its emissions exceed the international standards the Australian Maritime Safety Authority must shut the ship down for the good of our community,” Mr Byrne said.

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