Council extends free car parking in Leichhardt

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne has announced that Marion Street in Leichhardt is to get 22 new free car parking spaces, which will boost Norton Street businesses.

Council last night resolved to proceed with the replacement of two derelict cottages, which have been scheduled for removal for half a decade, to make way for the new much-needed parking spaces.

Local businesses have welcomed the decision, saying the move will go some way to addressing the chronic shortage of affordable parking in Leichhardt.

“The decision to create 22 new car parking spaces is a practical measure to help Norton Street businesses and give their customers an incentive to shop locally,” said Mayor Byrne.

James Price, director of local real estate agency Hudson McHugh, said parking is expensive and comes at a premium in Leichhardt.

“I applaud any measure that will help my customers and employees find affordable parking options, which in turn help my business. This is a great initiative by Council and I welcome it wholeheartedly,” he said.
Mark Chapman, president of the Leichhardt and Annandale Business Chamber, said the decision was a real boost for local businesses.

“Our customers are competing for a limited pool of parking along Norton St and are constantly looking over their shoulders for parking rangers.

“This increase in car spaces will be great for businesses and the customers they serve,” said Chapman.

Two derelict cottages will be removed to make way for the new parking spaces.

Both premises have been used as temporary storage spaces for the former Leichhardt Council Administration Centre and have fallen into an advanced state of disrepair.

A decision was made to also preserve the artworks on the site digitally.

Two Blak Douglas artworks were commissioned in 2015 and a wall mural by Shannon Crees was installed in 2009. All artworks were intended to be temporary, with a two-year life expectation.

Council has also made the offer of a new permanent space for a Blak Douglas commissioned artwork.

Mayor Byrne said the new car parking spaces are just one part of a wide-ranging plan to make parking fairer and more affordable in the former Leichhardt Council area.

“At the first meeting of the newly elected Inner West Council last October, Council unanimously backed my plan to extend 30-minutes free parking to every meter, turn the parking meters off after 7pm and a ban on any new parking meters,” said Mayor Byrne.

“A report on the best and most efficient way to roll out this plan is due back to Council in March and the meters will be turned off shortly afterwards,” he said.

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Page last updated: 27 Jul 2018