Political Children

Monday 4 December 2017

Spark Youth Theatre, an initiative of Inner West Council, will have its humorous yet hard-hitting show about Safe Schools presented by City of Sydney Library later this week.

Political Children uses Hansard transcripts, newspaper articles and online content to shine a magnifying glass on the debate around the Safe Schools program and gives young people the chance to respond.

After successful seasons at Ashfield Council Chambers and the Mardi Gras Festival in the last twelve months, “the timing couldn’t be better for this new production,” said writer and director Felicity Nicol, who developed the show in collaboration with the young cast.

“We get the chance to hear about Safe Schools, the postal survey and more from the one group who haven’t been given a voice: young rainbow kids,” Ms Nicol said.

“The power of Political Children is taking words verbatim from politicians and hearing young people say them. You get this opportunity to really examine what’s being said in Australian politics without being swayed by the person or context,” said sixteen year old cast member, Elodie Jakes.

“You can make your own opinion. It’s about education and examining your own thoughts about Australian politics."

The cast is comprised of Jan Anderson, Sebastian Cutcherwirth, Emma Hooton, Elodie Jakes and Lola van Overdam.

In addition to presenting the new performance season, City of Sydney Library is offering workshops where young people can join Ms. Nicol to explore their own theatre piece using personal and political words, posts and tweets.

Spark Youth Theatre provides meaningful and accessible creative opportunities for young people aged 12-24 in the inner west. 


Political Children performances 

  •  Friday 8 December at 7pm
  • Saturday 9 December at 6pm
  • Sunday 10 December at 5pm


  •  Saturday 9 December at 3pm
  • Sunday 10 December at 2p

Customs House, 31 Alfred Street Sydney. FREE to register for tickets, go to sparkyouththeatre.com or Political Children: Performance & workshop

For interviews, contact Chris Dunstan, Artistic Director, Spark Youth Theatre, artisticdirector@sparkyouththeatre.com 0418 449 332

For further information and print quality images, contact Elizabeth Heath 9392 5335

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