Summer Hill Pony Owner Rejects Council’s Help to Relocate Horse

A last ditch offer from the Inner West Council to help relocate a pony being kept in a Summer Hill terrace house seems to have fallen on deaf ears, with the owner ignoring the upcoming deadline set by the Land and Environment Court to have the pony rehoused by 21 October.

On 19 July 2016 the Land and Environment Court order ruled that the owner had to remove the pony.

Council has offered to help the owner to relocate the pony – which is named ‘Horse’ – to a more suitable site and has even offered to help pay for the costs of relocating the pony.

The owner has refused the offer and told Council Officers that Horse will not be removed.

While Horse is a bit of a local celebrity, he is not so popular with his neighbours. The former Ashfield Council received a series of complaints from neighbours about the smell, noise and a loss of amenity in a neighbouring property due to the flies attracted by Horses occupation.

Council has tried for many years to address the concerns, allowing Horse to stay if the impacts on the neighbours were fixed.

Horse’s owner was required to remove manure and other waste twice a day, install a barrier to keep Horse away from the fence for the property next door, keep a layer of woodchips in the back yard and keep the yard clean and tidy at all times. He was also instructed not to keep another pony or horse on the premises at any time.

Unfortunately, although the owner did take some steps, the conditions weren’t properly met. Waste wasn’t cleared and removed properly, leading to smell, flies and unhealthy conditions both at the house and in the nearby properties.

On 19 July the Land and Environment Court ruled that Horse had to be re-housed, based on a history of non-compliance by the property owner in relation to the adequate upkeep of the pony.

Council contacted Horse’s owner on 26 September, encouraging him to find another more suitable place for Horse to live, or someone who might be able to take ownership. The letter also offered to help pay reasonable costs to help relocate the pony.

With the deadline of 21 October approaching, Council will now have no choice other than to commence action to carry out the Land and Environment Court ruling.

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Page last updated: 03 Jun 2022