Yeo Park safety fencing works

Council has been notified by School Infrastructure NSW (SINSW) that they will shortly be commissioning urgent fencing works around the perimeter of the Yeo Park Infants School.

The fencing works are to ensure the ongoing safety of students and property. School Infrastructure NSW (SINSW) are intending on installing a fence around the immediate school building perimeter of Yeo Park Infants School.

Fence location:
The proposed fence boundary is indicated in blue on the below aerial picture. Please note, the red lines are indications of distance only, this is not a fence boundary line. 

Ariel map view of houses
Proposed Boundary of Fencing-Yeo Park Infants School 

Fence Type:
The type of fencing is a 2.1-meter crimp top school facility standard fence. The black colour typically blends in with the immediate backdrop and with greenery/ shrub. 

Photo of a footpath and trees bounded on one side a green metal fence
Image of Proposed Fencing

The proposed works would likely commence in 4-6 weeks time.

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Page last updated: 01 Aug 2023