WestConnex Stage 3 M4-M5 Link - Camperdown, Rozelle, Annandale

Stage three of WestConnex includes:

  • The M4-M5 Link
    A tunnel from Haberfield to St Peters, via Rozelle and Camperdown. Likely to run north from St Peters to Parramatta Road, passing under King Street, Enmore and Erskineville Roads, Wilson Street, Carillon Avenue, and Missenden Road and then to Rozelle before heading west to join with the M4 East (Stage 1). A tunnel exit is likely at Parramatta Road at Sydney University, while a second exit is proposed for the Rozelle Railyards.
  • Iron Cove to Rozelle
    A one-kilometre tunnel between Iron Cove Bridge and a Rozelle interchange Stage 3 is not yet approved. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is due early 2017. You can have your say at the WestConnex M4/M5 webpage

What is Council doing?

  • Advocating local concerns, which has so far led to the State Government proposing an improved Rozelle interchange.
  • Obtaining a commitment from the State Government to minimise residential property acquisition for Stage 3.
  • Making sure that geotechnical drilling occurs on edges of our parks rather than in centre, and that equipment is dismantled over weekends if possible.
  • Consulting with SMC regarding design of the Rozelle Portal and development of open space and land bridges to link Lilyfield and Rozelle with North Annandale.
  • Obtaining a commitment from SMC to improve their consultation for Stage 3, including a recently commenced community ideas session.

Key Documents

The State Government has broadened the scope of the M4-M5 Link Proposal as per the details below:

The Iron Cove Link would provide a tunnel connection (including entry and exit portals near Terry Street at Rozelle) from Victoria Road at the southern abutment of the Iron Cove Bridge to the proposed Rozelle interchange at the Rozelle Rail Yards. The southern side of the carriageway of Victoria Road between the southern abutment of Iron Cove Bridge and Springside Street at Rozelle would be widened to accommodate the portals as well as changes to through-traffic lanes. A ventilation facility for the Iron Cove Link may need to be accommodated in this location; however, the need for it is subject to further investigation.
The tunnel would be approximately one kilometre in length and two lanes wide in each direction. The tunnel would have a posted speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour.

This report contains information on what will be investigated further through the EIS process for the project:

WestConnex M4-M5 Link: Addendum State significant infrastructure application report September 2016

Every effort is made to keep this list up to date. However, you may like to check the WestConnex page

Work Notifications

RMS notice to Council in relation to investigative drilling for WestConnex Stage 3 (M-M5 Link)

In a letter dated 18 November 2016, RMS has advised Council that it has updated its previous list of streets that will be subject to investigative drilling for WestConnex Stage 3 (M4-M5 Link). This will be undertaken accordance with the Roads Act 1996. The updated list is as follows:

Drilling Area List - M4-M5 Link

Read the 18 November letter from RMS (PDF 1MB)


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