Parks in Sydenham

Sydenham Green
Sydenham Green
Sydenham Green

Tillman Park
Tillman Park

Memory Reserve

Corner Unwins Bridge Road and Gleeson Avenue, Sydenham

  • Rest area

Sydenham Green

Unwins Bridge and Railway Road, Sydenham

Sydenham Green was originally the result of upgrades to Sydney Airport in the 1990s which increased aircraft noise over Sydney's inner west. The 152 homes formerly situated here – lying directly under the main north-south runway approach – were deemed uninhabitable by the federal government, who bought and demolished them amid large protests. The newly vacant land was developed by Council into a public park.

At the centre of the park is 'The Lounge', a town square surrounded by sculptures of oversized furniture in recognition of the lost homes. One of the few remaining original buildings, the heritage-listed Stone Villa terrace, is now an artist studio.

Community facilities include a basketball court, toilets, BBQ and picnic areas, outdoor exercise equipment and a children's playground. A fenced area is available for off-leash dog exercise at any time of the day. An additional designated area – between Henry Street, Park Road and Park Lane – is also available for off-leash dog exercise.

Tillman Park

Unwins Bridge Road (just south of the freight railway overbridge), Sydenham

A district park includes which includes an open grass area for casual sports or fitness, a children's playground, toilets, and BBQ and picnic areas. It hosts Council's annual 'Celebrate 2044' festival, a relaxed picnic-style event for the St Peters, Sydenham and Tempe community who share the 2044 postcode.

  • Playing field
  • Toilets
  • Playground
  • Boardwalk
  • BBQ and picnic areas


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