Restriction on groundwater usage from the Botany Sand Beds aquifer

The NSW Government Department of Industry's Crown Lands and Water Division is proposing to replace the current Temporary Water Restrictions Order for the Botany Sands Groundwater Source 2006 with a revised Order.

The purpose of the Water Restrictions Order is to take a precautionary approach and ensure public health is not put at risk from exposure to potentially contaminated groundwater in the Botany Sand Beds aquifer. A small proportion of the aquifer has been contaminated by past industrial activities before environmental protection controls were in place.

The division is revising the current Order to simplify the description of where the restrictions apply from four zones to two areas, clarify the restrictions which apply in those areas, and clarify the requirements for groundwater monitoring and testing.

The release of the revised Order provides an opportunity to remind residents in the restriction areas about the rules which apply.

Residents must not take groundwater from the aquifer or use the groundwater for domestic purposes including drinking, filling pools, washing cars, or gardening.

As long as groundwater is not used, there are no health risks to residents.

Tap water remains completely safe to use.


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