Council investigating Solar Farms

Council will investigate investing in partnering with a rural community to create or invest in a solar farm.

It’s a 21st Century solution that will allow Council to increase renewable energy used in the LGA, and allow residents who may not be able to install solar on their own property to invest.

The initiative came out of a Mayoral roundtable held in September 2017 with national and local environment groups.

Discussion at the roundtable focused on the implementation of Council’s resolution on solar and renewable energy, including options for Council to invest in solar and renewable innovation.

Council can play a leading role in helping our community to access solar and renewable technologies.

It will allow us to:

  • Demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of community / local government investment in renewables (ie through a ‘flagship’ innovation project)
  • Return savings on electricity consumption and costs to our community, to help relieve the rising cost of living in the Inner West

Roundtable participants were interested to explore further the possibility for Council to invest in / build / operate a solar farm, to offset Council’s electricity consumption across facilities and operations.

Sunshine Coast Council has recently become the first Council in Australia to offset is electricity consumption from renewable energy generated by a 15MW solar farm, which complements 40,000 solar rooftops already in the LGA.

Council has begun investigating the feasibility of various models and partnerships to finance, locate, design, build and operate a solar farm of this scale.


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