Dogs to be welcomed back to pubs

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Inner West Council last night voted to reverse a ban on dogs being allowed in inner west pubs, through a motion moved by Mayor Darcy Byrne.

Mayor Byrne said Council would immediately begin consultation with publicans, punters and pooches to come up with a common sense system that will welcome dogs back into local pubs, while upholding food safety standards.

“This is a win for common sense,” Mayor Byrne said.

“Dogs are part of the unique pub culture throughout the inner west and I’m delighted that pooches can now return to their rightful place.

“For decades State Government food safety regulations have been upheld and enforced without a need to implement a blanket ban on dogs being allowed in pubs where a hotelier and their customers agree that dogs are welcome.

“The government has no place implementing a nanny state ban.

“There’s no reason why Council can’t exercise sensible discretion and judgement to ensure flexibility exists to keep this great tradition alive.”

“Council will now consult with publicans and punters to develop a policy that upholds food safety regulations whilst welcoming dogs back into pubs.”


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