Council Advances State Heritage Listing of Haberfield

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Council has approved work on a project to list the Haberfield Conservation Area on the State Heritage Register.

The work was approved by Council at its meeting on Tuesday 27 June 2017.

“I am delighted that Council has given its support to get the Haberfield Conservation Area formally listed - it’s only right that the area should feature on the State Heritage Register,” said Administrator Richard Pearson.

“Haberfield is one of Australia’s earliest garden suburbs – it’s recognised as an important area of State and Federal heritage significance,” said Mr. Pearson.

“It’s an example of the first planned estates and has had a great influence on housing trends and planning legislation in this country,” said Mr Pearson.

“Council officers will commence the preparatory work required for a nomination to the State Heritage Register,” he said.

The potential listing of Haberfield has been discussed for many years going back to the early 2000s between the former Ashfield Council and the Heritage Division of the State Government.

More recently, the Inner West Council has continued this initiative and has had follow up meetings with the Heritage Division.

“While WestConnex has wrecked significant havoc on Haberfield, it remains a place of immense value in Australia’s history and should be recognised as such,” Mr Pearson said.


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