WestConnex Stage 1 M4 East - Ashfield, Haberfield

Stage one of WestConnex includes:

  • Widening the M4 Motorway:
    The motorway will be widened from three to four lanes in each direction between Parramatta and Homebush.
  • M4 Tunnel:
    The M4 will be extended with underground tunnels from Concord, exiting at Haberfield.

What is Council doing?

  • Lobbying SMC to provide a full catalogue of heritage items from demolished properties and details of how they will be conserved, stored and made available for the community.
  • Working to find better areas for the storage of spoilage, and better routes for heavy vehicles removing the spoilage so as to reduce their impact on local streets.
  • Pushing for the relocation of signage currently proposed for the front of Ashfield Park.
  • Successfully lobbying against placement of a temporary telecommunications tower in Ashfield Park.
  • Demanding consultation on the management of pedestrian and vehicle safety during any temporary closure of the Bland Street Bridge.
  • Continuing negotiations with the State Government to increase compensation for both permanent acquisitions and lease of Council land for the project.

Key Documents

The WestConnex page contains links to key documents about Stage one. We have included those links here for the information of our residents.

Every effort is made to keep this list up to date. However, you may like to check the Westconnex webpage



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