Frequently asked questions about the former Marrickville Hospital site

Funding of the new library and community spaces

Will the winning BVN design for the new library form part of the project?

Yes – the BVN designed library building, 1,200 sqm open space and 60 car parking spaces will be constructed as part of the project at no cost to Council or the community.

How much is the monetary contribution?

The amount Council will receive is commercial in confidence. Council is not at liberty to disclose this information at this point.

What will that money go towards?

Some will go towards funding aspects of the project, and the remainder will go into Council's general revenue.

Is Council going to increase rates to pay for this development?

No. The construction of the new library and community spaces, the 1,200 sqm open space and the provision of 60 car parking spaces is being constructed at no cost to Council or the community.

Land ownership

What land, and how much, will be retained by Council?

Council will retain ownership of land upon which the community new library and community spaces, open space and car parking will be constructed.

The proposal includes a "Leased Area". What will this be used for?

There is no specific use assigned to this 200 square metres of space at the moment, which is at the northern end of the existing old Hospital building. Council will hold an Expression of Interest and Tender process to identify a suitable lessee for the space.

Affordable housing

What is affordable housing?

Affordable housing is appropriate to the needs of a household and within their means or capacity to pay. For example, if a low-to-moderate income-earning household is paying more than 30% of their gross income on housing, it is considered to be in 'housing stress'.

How will the affordable housing be managed?

Council has resolved that the affordable housing units will be managed on behalf of Council by a specialist community affordable housing provider. Council will conduct a tender process to select a suitable provider.

Development Application and site works

When will a Development Application be lodged?

It is expected that the Development Application for the whole redevelopment project including for the new library and community spaces will be lodged mid-2016.

Will I be able to comment on the Development Application?

Yes. The lodgement of the DA is followed by a period of public exhibition, during which the community can view detailed plans and make submissions which will be considered in the assessment of the DA.

Who will assess the Development Application?

The submitted Application will be assessed by an independent specialist planner and their report will be considered by the Joint Regional Planning Panel who will make a decision if the Application should be approved or rejected.

What is available to see now?

The model of the whole development together with various sketches is on display in the existing Marrickville Library. Information regarding the former Marrickville Hospital site is also available on Council's website. Further updated information will be posted on the website on a regular basis.

Will there be any more tours of the site?

This will be determined as works progress. There is also a video tour of the site on Council's website.

Will the old tower building be demolished?

Yes – it will be demolished to make space for one of the new residential buildings.

Will there be any preliminary works undertaken?

Preliminary works to patch and secure the existing buildings will be undertaken. Testing and some excavation work may be carried out over the next 12 months. Information will be issued to neighbours and will be posted on Council's website.

When will I be able to use the new library and community spaces?

The current target is towards the end of 2019. It is planned that overall construction will start within three months of Development Consent being granted.

Vehicle access

Where will cars enter the site?

There will be two driveway entrances off Livingstone Road – one to the 60 underground car parking spaces for the new library and community spaces, and a separate driveway entrance for the residential buildings.


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