Summary of planning proposal at 4-38 Carrington Road, Marrickville

Public meeting at Marrickville Town Hall, 19 October 2017, 7:30pm

Council invites residents and businesses to attend a public meeting regarding this planning proposal on Thursday 19 October, 7:30pm at Marrickville Town Hall, 303 Marrickville Road, Marrickville.

The planning proposal

  • Lodged on 22 May 2017
  • Site is 7.8 hectares, excluding roads
  • 2,616 units
  • 17,306sqm of non-residential gross floor area
    • 7,049sqm retail
    • 10,257sqm commercial uses
    • ono industrial floor space
  • The proposed LEP amendments are:
    • Rezone the site from IN1 General Industrial to part B2 Local Centre and part R4 High Density Residential;
    • Impose a varied maximum building height controls for the site of 25 metres, 50 metres up to a maximum of 105 metres/equivalent of up to 35 storeys (with 3 metre floor to floor height) and
    • Increase the floor space ratio (FSR) controls for the site from the current 0.95:1 to a blanket 3.15:1.
  • Made in Marrickville study funded by the Australian Research Council dated August 2017 found 894 to 1440 full time equivalent jobs on the site and 148 businesses of significance to Sydney and Australia globally supporting key cultural institutions/creative industries.
  • Existing industrial and commercial premises that have a floor area of approximately 63,630sqm.

Current status

  • Council officers from various sections of Council and NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have carried out a preliminary assessment of the proposal. The preliminary assessment has identified that additional information is required to enable a detailed assessment of the proposal. A letter has been sent to the Proponent on 29 September 2017 requesting that additional information and supporting studies be submitted as part of the Planning Proposal to allow for a detailed assessment.

Key planning issues

  • Loss of employment/industrial floorspace including creative industries
  • Inclusion of commercial/retail floorspace away from the local centre
  • Cumulative traffic and transport impacts
  • Flood prone land
  • Heritage and local character area impacts
  • Urban design
  • Impacts on Sydney Airport height limits
  • Provision of open space, recreational facilities and local community infrastructure
  • No affordable housing provision has been nominated
  • Environmental and sustainability impacts
  • Land use conflicts and noise/amenity impacts with existing industrial, aircraft noise and freight railway line
  • Community benefits and a Voluntary Planning Agreement

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