Zero waste Christmas

The festive season should be joyful and not wasteful. We have asked the community for their eco-tips for the festive season and received many wonderful video ideas how to move closer to zero waste this Christmas. Click on the thumbnails below to watch each video. 

And remember, the best way to reduce your waste is to avoid it in the first place. Use what you have, borrow or swap, choose second hand, make and create and if you really must buy something new, go for long lasting and sustainably produced.

Tip 1: Reducing and reusing suggestions from Tempe local Madeleine Hill

Tip 2: Choosing second hand goods with The Bower in Marrickville

Tip 3: Making your own body scrubs with Kirsty from Parva: Little Things

Tip 4: The benefits of composting with local Summer Hill resident Jamie

Tip 5: Vintage gifting tips from sustainable stylist Joanne Gambale

Tip 6: Second hand thinking with Kirsten from Reverse Garbage

Tip 7: Gifting plants for Christmas with Emma Daniell from the Green Living Centre

Tip 8: Making your own Christmas cards from packaging with Michelle from You Are Brave

Tip 9: Using pineapple skins to make syrup with Alex from Cornersmith

Tip 10: Buying sustainable gifts with Katherine from the Ekologi store

Tip 11: Using Furoshiki to wrap your presents with Yoshie from Musubi

Tip 12: Borrowing vintage clothes or other supplies with Ali from Bell Street

Bonus tip: Communal gift wrapping with friends using up-cycled materials with New Moon Collective

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Page last updated: 23 Jan 2021