War on Waste

The ABC’s War on Waste series was very successful. Many of our residents got behind the message and Inner West Council has adopted a vision of becoming a zero waste community – and you can help.

Use these Council resources, and learn how:

  • Avoid food waste
  • Avoid single use plastics
  • Join with others working towards a zero waste future
  • Recycle right and recycle clean:

Recycling in the Inner West

What goes in your recycling bin?
Where does your recycling go?

Tricky waste items in the Inner West

What to do with e-Waste and chemicals?
Recycling Centres
A-Z of what goes where

Food and organic waste in the Inner West

Inner West Council has a vision to become a zero waste community and is committed to working to reduce waste sent to landfill. A priority area is focusing on food waste which currently makes up 37% of the average garbage bin in the Inner West. A number of services and initiatives are available right now for residents including:

  • a fortnightly green bin collection for garden organics for all IWC residents
  • home composting support for all IWC residents – Compost Revolution
  • community composting in units, parks and community gardens at a number of locations
  • composting workshops in schools
  • food collection services in apartments in the Leichhardt Service Area (5200 units participate in this service)
  • a Food and Garden Organics Trial with 1,000 properties in the suburb of Marrickville

Council has started a review into the kerbside services for food and garden organics to decide the best options to suit the inner city urban environment.

Top zero waste tips:

  1. Make one day a week leftover day to reduce your food waste. Cook creatively with what you have left in the fridge, freezer and pantry.
  2. Bring your bottles and cans to a Return and Earn location to get 10c deposit back. There is a vending machine at Addison Road Community Centre or various over the counter locations in the area.
  3. Say no to single use plastic. Start with straws, plastic bags or take away containers and try a different item every month. There are many reusable items that you can use instead, get inspiration from Plastic free July
  4. Join a local waste group like Boomerang bags Inner West, Plastic wise inner west, War on waste Marrickville and find further waste campaigns in the Directory of Inspiration
  5. Shop at local organisations that fight the waste war already, e.g. Reverse Garbage, The Bower and second hand shops.

Send any tricky waste questions to rethinkwaste@innerwest.nsw.gov.au  and we will be happy to assist.

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Page last updated: 23 Sep 2019