Womens Honour Roll

The Honour Roll is an initiative of the Inner West Council that recognises women and girls.  The Honour Roll is run every second year and will be run in 2021.

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2021 Honour Roll Members

In 2021 we celebrated local First Nations women and girls who bring over 60,000 years of resilience and survival to this community as well as 150+ individual women and girls.

This year's focus is on the contributions of all women and girls. Connecting, supporting and inspiring each other, creating a sisterhood of strength.

IWDFlowerAlex Moffitt

Celebrating Alex Moffitt, the most amazing Administration Officer at Sydney Local Health District.


Alisha ManningAlisha Manning

Celebrating Alisha Manning - thoughtful, generous, selfless and compassionate, a great mum and the best friend a woman could have.


Alison ToddAlison Todd

Celebrating Alison Todd who spent all of 2020 volunteering with We All Care and stuck with us when COVID made it hard for us to move forward. I want to celebrate the amazing woman she is and what she has done for We All Care and the Inner West.

Anjum AliAnjum Ali

Celebrating Anjum Ali - a pillar of strength, empathy and maturity. A migrant supermum and a friend for life, supporting CALD women to be confident new migrants.

Anna HearnAnna Hearn

Celebrating Anna Hearn - a force of good. Inspiring, encouraging, passionate about helping women find freedom from diet culture and feeling comfortable in their bodies.

Anne DashAnne Dash

Celebrating Anne Dash who would do anything for her family. I love you.


Annerose de Jong

Annerose De Jong

Celebrating Annerose De Jong for fostering and curating children's love of theatre and the arts. She has been my role model for over 10 years now, I admire and love her.

Aunty Cheryll HurleyAunty Cheryll Hurley

Celebrating Aunty Cheryll Hurley aka Aunty Chery for her dedication to the Aboriginal community through her work in the Diabetes Clinic at RPAH for so many years. An example of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Aunty Deborah LennisAunty Deborah Lennis

Celebrating Aunty Deborah Lennis for her strength, generosity, thoughtfulness, leadership and wicked sense of humour. She leaves seret gifts for her colleagues to find! Love her sense of fun and passion for her community.

Aunty Euphemia BostockAunty Euphemia Bostock

Celebrating Aunty Euphemia Bostock, an Inner West treasure and role model. With true dignity, diligence, enthusiasm and dedication she has spent 40 years advocating and showcasing Indigenous Contemporary Artists as an Elder and Artist at BOOMALI.

Aunty JennyAunty Jenny Thomsen

Celebrating Aunty Jenny Thomsen, a proud Aboriginal woman, community role model and educator. Always there for the community and Council for Welcome and Smoking ceremonies.

Aunty Tracey L BostockAunty Tracey L Bostock

Celebrating Aunty Tracey L Bostock for introducing Welcome to Country to our preschoolers at Childcare and to preschoolers on Play School. Tracey is a humble, strong and wonderful Aboriginal woman. She is also an incredible artist whose spirituality shines through in all things she does.

Belinda ConwayBelinda Conway

Celebrating Belinda Conway, who 'stepped up to the plate' in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has lead Canterbury Girls through this troubling year.


Belinda McLeanBelinda McLean

Celebrating Belinda McLean for running the Rainbow Families Inner West Catch Up for the past six years. Each month Belinda welcomes new and old LGBTQ+ parents to the Rainbow Families Community - connecting them with other families, and the support offered by Rainbow Families.

Bernadette SelfeBernadette Selfe

Celebrating Bernadette Selfe for always thinking about the women in the LGA, being self-sufficient and creating the opportunities and courage for us to start our own businesses. Also for supporting and going to the ends of the earth for myself and her three grandchildren during my husband's major health battles. She is the strongest and most compassionate person I know.

Bronwyn AllenBronwyn Allen

Celebrating Bronwyn Allen for being loving and hilarious, kind, humble, indulgent and perceptive. I trust her with my life, and the hearts of my daughters. Bronwyn is love.

Caitlin LalorCaitlin and Bethany Lalor

Celebrating Caitlin and Bethany Lalor, my Aunties, who have worked incredibly hard this year to help their family and given me and my sister many opportunities to recuperate and adjust. They are funny, kind and loved so much.


Canterbury Girls High School Musicians and PerformersIWDFlower

Celebrating the musicians and performers who bring joy, life and creativity to our community:
Rose Smith, Gemma Vidler, Charlie Wyndham Jones, Violeta Zavala Collin, Scarlett Dawson, Phoebe Epps, Calantha Hopwood Craig, Genevieve Weakley Jordan, Cordelia Scheer, Neave Sharp, Romy Brooks, Mariana Cortes, Edie Clarke, Charlotte Dempsey Martin, Polly Jennings, Ruby Jones, Ai Xuan Moore, Zoe O'Keefe, Eliza Pasfield, Charlotte Richards, Isabelle Sutherland, Georgie Tosswill, Abby Cairns, Hannah Car, Lakeisha Duff, Caitlin Hamilton, Hailie Brown, Anouk Povaly, Aimilia Skotidas, Mieke van Wel

Carmel GrimmettCarmel Grimmett

Celebrating Carmel Grimmett for her inspiring and tireless commitment to First Nations families, and to truth telling about colonisation in Australia. Her care for the environment has shaped the way so many families now engage with nature.

Carol SmithCarol Smith

Celebrating Carol Smith for stepping up to be the wonderful local grandmother to our daughters. As a school teacher she prepared us all for their starts and calmed our nerves. She's wonderful.

Cathy ChanCathy Chan

Celebrating Cathy Chan, an inspiring tireless and generous music teacher, a safe place for thousands of odd bods and quirky kids, and a cheerful and talented conductor. She is a gift to the universe.

ChanelleChantelle O'Donohoe

Celebrating Chantelle O'Donohoe who spends every moment of her free time dedicated to bettering her community. She's a selfless wonderful role model and key community leader who deserves to be acknowledged.

Chris JingaChris Jinga

Celebrating Chris Jinga - an involved, creative, committed and passionate Inner Westie who values her family, holds friendships in high regard and is a strong advocate and volunteer for conservation and environmental issues.

Coby Smith-CarrCoby Smith-Carr

Coby Smith-Carr for being a beautiful soul and a very caring determined and resilient young woman who makes me proud every day.


Community Refugee Welcome CentreCommunity Refugee Welcome Centre

Celebrating women at the Community Refugee Welcome Centre for bringing their beautiful smiles, unflagging energy, great creativity and outstanding talents to Inner West. Their strength and resilience highlights the power of humankind in the challenging journey of life.

Corrie NicholsCorrie Nichols

Celebrating Corrie Nichols who is humble, kind, thoughtful, patient, fun, hardworking and selfless. She has a great sense of social justice for all, she's an inspiration!

IWDFlowerDaniela Francavilla

Celebrating Daniela Francavilla who is an educator for health staff in the Inner West. Her education sessions, just like her, are AMAZING.


Momo Dawa KyipaDawa Kyipa

Celebrating Dawa Kyipa, my mum. She brought up four healthy children, built one of the most resilient exile communities and told us to look to the future with hope.

Della ZhangDella (Hua) Zhang

Celebrating Della (Hua) Zhang for helping asylum seekers and refugees find belonging, community, companionship and purpose for seven years as a co-founder of Parliament on King's social enterprise catering project.

Dr Libby HindmarshDr Elizabeth (Libby) Hindmarsh

Celebrating Dr Elizabeth Hindmarsh for bringing older people together for mutual support and human contact, especially those who would otherwise be isolated during the pandemic, through 'Pyrmont Supports'.

Dr Zhila HasanlooDr Zhila Hasanloo

Celebrating Dr Zhila Hasanloo - disability researcher and passionate advocate disability rights advocate. She launched Ability Beyond Boundaries, a social enterprise empowering people living with disability, particularly from CALD backgrounds.

Dulce MunozDulce Munoz

Celebrating Dulce Munoz the National Convenor of Mums4Refugees. Loved by all, Dulce goes above and beyond supporting other women to be brave, to know their power and the power of sisterhood.

IWDFlowerDully High Students

Celebrating students of Dully High - crafty and excellent!


Elizabeth Biok

Elizabeth Biok

Celebrating Elizabeth Biok, a volunteer and board member working tirelessly for refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people.


Elizabeth JarrettElizabeth Jarrett

Celebrating Elizabeth Jarret aka Lizzie - a First Nations woman, advocate and activist who challenges discrimination. We have adopted each other as sisters. She's showed me family isn't just the people you share blood relation with.

Elizabeth LeachElizabeth Leach

Celebrating Elizabeth Leach for her ongoing and never stopping commitment, kindness, empathy, knowledge, support, mentoring and willingness to help others and her exuberant nature.

Elizabeth NevesElizabeth Neves

Celebrating Elizabeth Neves for her inspiring passion for teaching and love of English. She is extremely kind and goes above and beyond for all her students, making time for us. Her door is always open if we need someone to talk to.

Emily DashEmily Dash

Celebrating Emily Dash - a funny, talented and tenacious person, dedicated to the community around her. We feel so blessed to know her and work with her!


Emily IrvineEmily Irvine

Celebrating Emily Irvine, a great conductor and music educator who uses her skills to contribute to the social fabric of the Inner West.


IWDFlowerFiona Rees

Celebrating Fiona Rees, an amazing NSW Health worker who advocates for the safety of Inner West women and girls.


Freeda EconomidisFreeda Economidis

Celebrating Freeda Economidis who has been working in the Greek and CALD communities with many health education programmes for 36 years.


Gab RennardGabrielle Rennard

Celebrating Gabrielle Rennard - always supportive, encouraging and interested in me and my work. A great mentor and a strong and intelligent woman.


geneve oconnorGeneve O'Connor

Celebrating Geneve O'Connor because her kindness is humbling to behold, her generosity and empathy are boundless and ability to connect with people is uncanny.

Georgina PurkissGeorgina Purkiss

Celebrating Georgina Purkiss for her passionate devotion to honest work. She is the most loyal and compassionate person I have met. She does everything with integrity and is determined to make a difference.

Gillian StokieGill Stokie

Celebrating Gill Stokie for running the Rainbow Families Inner West Playgroup for the past two years, welcoming new LGBTQ+ parents to the Rainbow Families Community and connecting them with the support offered by Rainbow Families.

IWDFlowerGurwinder Kaur

Celebrating Gurwinder Kaur for her tireless work throughout the 2020 COVID pandemic to ensure communities needs are met, including the food hamper relief program.

H MorganHarrisH Morgan Harris

Celebrating H Morgan Harris - a creative force in the Inner West. A strategic advocate for creatives, generating profile and jobs in the sector, she has been a champion in steering the decimated arts community through COVID.

Hailie BrownHailie Brown

Celebrating Hailie Brown, an exceptional young woman and an absolute ray of sunshine. She has shown such maturity and resilience, and has supported her family and community to get through a very challenging year.

Hanh NguyenHanh Nguyen

Celebrating Hanh Nguyen, a wonderful wife, mother and volunteer teacher fighting cancer with resilience.


Hannah RiordanHannah Riordan

Celebrating Hannah Riordan for supporting and uplifting students, and being open to new ideas and opportunities that allow them to shine.


Imogen MacbeathImogen Macbeath

Celebrating Imogen Macbeath, a positive, bright, awesome role model for all of us as she never gives up and strives to keep moving forward.


Ingrid de MeyerIngrid de Meyer

Celebrating Ingrid de Meyer who guides me with empathy and commitment, and allows me the space and opportunities to create my best work.


Jaina ZacariahJaina M Zachariah

Celebrating Jaina M Zachariah, my lifelong childhood friend, a humble human being and a supermum who does a lot of things quietly, that go unnoticed.


Jane SlatteryJane Slattery

Celebrating Jane Slattery, my English teacher for the past year. She is incredibly inspirational and always makes me feel confident in my work and ideas. 


Jane WilliamsJane Williams

Celebrating Jane Williams for her empathy and energy as part of our family's support team, creating safe spaces for tiny people to breathe and to be, and for celebrating lifelong learning.

Janet Dandy WardJanet Dandy Ward

Celebrating Janet Dandy Ward. People like her make our community great. Janet lives her values, supporting, including and advocating for others.
Photo credit: Ana Suntay-Tanedo.

IWDFlowerJean Horwood

Celebrating Jean Horwood for her diligent duty as a daughter, wife, mother, neighbour and a kind soul to us all.


Jean LadianghibongJean Ladianghibong

Celebrating Jean Ladianghibong - an absolutely inspiring woman of so many talents. With perseverance, discipline and consistency, women can do anything, set any goals and achieve them.

Jenny KarmogiannisJenny Karmogiannis

Celebrating Jenny Karmogiannis - a remarkable woman who for 15 years has given up her time to volunteer at two nursing homes, visit women living alone at home and cook meals or favourite baked goods for those in the area in need. Her kindness is immeasurable.

Jenny OhJenny Oh

Celebrating Jenny Oh - a cancer survivor who creates conversations and supports others going through a similar journey with optimism, strength and raw honesty.

Jesse McGrathJesse McGrath

Celebrating Jesse McGrath for her dedication to human rights and social justice and striving towards developing positivity and inclusivity in the local community, particularly for asylum seekers and refugees.


Celebrating Jessica for getting through her Honours degree whilst struggling with her disability.
Photo credit: Horst Burkhardt

IWDFlowerJessica Wiel

Celebrating Jessica Wiel because she always goes on the best adventures with me.


Jimaima TurgakulaJimaima Turgakula

Celebrating Jimaima Turagakula for her talent and for choosing to dedicate and spend most of her life helping the needy. She has continually inspired great leadership and commitment to her Church members and the community.

Jo BlackmanJo Blackman

Celebrating Jo Blackman - hard-working, humble, unassuming and effective, she always shows respect for others, works without acknowledgement and will genuinely hep even those with whom she might disagree.

Jo GarvinJo Garvin

Celebrating Jo Garvin for being an incredible artist and friend.


Jo KerriganJo Kerrigan

Celebrating Jo Kerrigan, my Aunty and a wonderful human being. She started up her own business and helps people feel more confident about themselves. Whenever she walks into a room, she lights it up and her laugh is infectious.

Joanna KaralisJoanna Karalis

Celebrating Joanna Karalis who has a beautiful heart and continues despite adversity to help the vulnerable people around her through her We All Care charity. An amazing citizen of the Inner West.

Joanne ShawJoanne Shaw and the Inner West Libraries team

Celebrating Joanne Shaw and the Inner West libraries team for being excellent and keeping the library running during COVID. Online story time and adult programs were excellent. Introducing home delivery of books made such a difference to us all. 

Jody ToomeyJody Toomey

Celebrating Jody toomey for her bravery, commitment and contribution to create an inclusive space for all She is dedicated to the cause of transgender women and the LGBTIQ community.

Josie LeesonJosie Leeson

Celebrating Josie Leeson - she makes me braver. She is creative, positive, hard-working and super smart. I love working with her.


Julie McCrossin

Julie McCrossin

Celebrating Julie McCrossin for her generosity of spirit, friendship and how much she gives back to the community.


IWDFlowerJune Mackinnon

Celebrating June Mackinnon for going over and beyond for her work at the unique community of Alfalfa House, and her incredible determination to create change.

Kate CotisKate Cotis

Celebrating Kate Cotis who took the time to cook a variety of meals twice a week for Weave Youth and Community Services' frontline staff throughout the COVID lockdown. This made an enormous difference to the team.

Kate WakeKate Wake

Celebrating Kate Wake. Not only is she a lovely person and a strong spirit, but she's also always looking out for others. She is passionate about people, especially those that are vulnerable. A community voice and a creator of connections like no other.

Kathy ParsonsKathy Parsons

Celebrating Kathy Parsons, a selfless person always helping others, a problem solver with an infectious loud laugh and humour who will stop at nothing to make other people's days better.

Katrina DouglasKatrina Douglas

Celebrating Katrina Douglas for always taking the time to check in with me and not leaving it up to me to keep in touch.
Photo credit: Daniel Lopez RUE Arts

Kayla BlackmoreKayla Blackmore

Celebrating Kayla Blackmore for her incredible integrity, loyalty, honesty, compassion and intuition in following her dreams and creating a unique life for herself.

Keresi Balewai RabuatokaKeresi Balewai Rabuatoka (Grace)

Celebrating Karesi Balewai Rabuatoka for her role as a Fijian Community Leader, her radio program and her volunteer work.


IWDFlowerKerry Martin

Celebrating Kerry Martin for facing challenges in life with a positive attitude and her selfless generosity with her time. She is helpful, kind, thoughtful, hardworking and fun to boot!

IWDFlowerKim Chard

Celebrating Kim Chard, my mum, one of the strongest people I know who always has my back. Without her, I don't know where I'd be.


IWDFlowerKrisi Patras

Celebrating Krisi Patras for following her intuition and listening to what she needs.To see her come out the other side of COVID-19 shining, growing and challenging the norm has been incredible.

Krystal NgKrystal Ng

Celebrating Krystal Ng, for her creativity and her determination to not settle for anything less, working tirelessly to create change for her self-growth. It take so much strength and dedication to do that.

KweenKween G Kibone

Celebrating Kween G, a generous, empathetic, phenomenal citizen of the Inner West. A tireless and inspiring poet, musician, mother, and community member. A shining beacon in our community and a powerful voice, who elevates other women with exceptional style and grace.

Lady K HeartLady K Heart

Celebrating Lady K Heart - she teaches me how to live life as a production. She inspires me to live my best life and love every day. I am so proud of her name should be up lights.

Leah PukLeah Puk

Celebrating Leah Puk - a generous and frequent donor to the Newtown Blessings Box. She's never anything but cheerful and has kind words for everyone. She's an online and in-person sister to everyone.

Lekshmi NairLekshmi Gopinathan Nair

Celebrating Lekshmi Gopinathan Nair for her work with ethnic communities empowering women and children, using her ethnic language skills to help others make their home in Australia.

IWDFlowerLesley Garton

We remember Lesley who passed away recently. Lesley had a long career as a social worker with a focus on women's health and sexual assault. Her commitment to women's health is evident through her long membership of the management committee of Leichhardt Women's Community Health Centre.

LGBTIQ Working GroupLGBTIQ Working Group

Celebrating the LGBTIQ Working Group for always getting stuff done and making sure that I have felt safe and welcomed into their lives and programs.


Lisa LatuLisa Latu

Celebrating Lisa Latu who carries out her work with a beautiful heart and caring nature. She's an asset to the Inner West community!


Lisa LiberLisa Liber

Celebrating Lisa Liber who rescues dogs, ferrets, kids, friends and yoga bums. She's a haven of calm in a fast, furious world and she makes great tea, good conversation and happy times.

Liza MoodieLiza Moodie

Celebrating Liza Moodie, my maths teacher for four years now. She is always there for me and I know I can talk to her if I need to. She has made me feel confident within myself and believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself.

Lois GrayLois Gray

Celebrating Lois Gray for her volunteer work, leadership, guidance and passion with the Ashfield Community Garden and Historical Society.


Louise FlanneryLouise Flannery

Celebrating Louise Flannery for supporting your students as they traverse the complicated and unpredictable road to adulthood and being open to new ideas and opportunities. Thank you for uplifting them in so many ways and allowing them to shine.

Louise LoganLouise Logan

Celebrating Louise Logan - for your energy and positive attitude towards all that you do. You are the most proactive and super organised person I know. I Love working with you Louise!

Lucinda TranLucinda Tran

Celebrating Lucinda Tran who acts well beyond her role as a Community Support Worker to care for and connect with vulnerable people in our community. She is passionate about helping others and a role model for other women.

Maggie ScottMaggie Scott

Celebrating Maggie Scott - we always seem to be connected, no matter how long it's been, and we love and laugh about the same things.


Maria CarricoMaria Carrico

Celebrating Maria Carrico, a Family Day Care educator who gives so much love and care to children, families, her community as well as her own special family, especially her daughter.

Maria PereraMaria Perera

Celebrating Maria Perea, a female director in civil construction who built a successful company at the age of 24 from ground up. She has worked to mentor female University students entering male dominated industries since 2017.

Marnie KennealyMarnie Kennealy

Celebrating Marnie Kennealy, a delightful young woman who looks after and cares for her family and many others. She gives me hope for the future.


IWDFlowerMatshepo Molala

Celebrating Matshepo Molala - a friend, inspiring environmentalist, hilarious company, patient wife, and awesome mother. I learn from her every time we talk. I'm in awe of her energy and clarity. She's divine.

IWDFlowerMarrickville High Students

Celebrating Marrickville High students who helped make our last International Women's day more sustainable by collecting and composting food waste.


Maureen LeeMaureen Lee

Celebrating Maureen Lee, one of the driving forces behind the amazing street pantry, the Newtown Blessing Box. What a woman - feeding the community, and with such positivity!

Mel DominguezMel Dominguez

Celebrating Mel dominguez - a quiet achiever who supports marginalised members of the Newtown and Marrickville South communities through her role at Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

Melissa MaddisonMelissa Maddison

Celebrating Melissa Maddison who teaches us all. She's retraining in her fifties and she inspires me. She has the best eye in an op shop and her film and book reviews are hilarious. She's a walking talking podcast.

Mereani CookeMereani Cooke

Celebrating Mereani Cook, a woman with many talents and great role model for all ages. I salute her for the great love and passion she has for her family and the community.

Mieke van WelMieke van Wel

Celebrating Mieke van Wel, a loving hardworking and caring friend, classmate, school captain and human being. Her kind heart and exceptional work ethic will lead her on a life of helping others. Mieke is an articulate, extraordinary young person who has impressed us with her insight and wisdom for someone so young. She will achieve great things for herself and the people around her!

Miranda ColemanMiranda Coleman

Celebrating Miranda Coleman - I just think she's awesome!


Mollie BrownMollie Brown

Celebrating Mollie Brown, my best friend, my little sister. I can count on her to be there. Together we've dealt with an extremely hard year and she's helped me throughout. Sometimes it feels like she's the big sister!

Moones MansoubiMoones Mansoubi

Celebrating Moones Mansoubi, the Coordinator at the Community Refugee Welcome Centre. Moones was Behrouz's first translator and critical to introducing his writing and resistance to the world. A kind, intelligent woman who supports women and the refugee community. She's been an invaluable source of support to many over the years.

Pauline LockiePauline Lockie

Celebrating Pauline Lockie - she takes my concerns about racism seriously. My daughters can imagine themselves as leaders when they see Pauline. Our community needs more role models like her.

Pearl TanPearl Tan

Celebrating Pearl Tan - I just am so grateful for her friendship and the times we've spent together.


Radhika TevitaRadhika Tevita

Celebrating Radhika Tevita for sharing her wealth of information in a positive and helpful way and supporting us with excellent social media advice.


Renee LovellRenee Lovell

Celebrating Renee Lovell - few women I know have done so much for First Nation's women and families in her management role at Sydney Local Health District.

RobynoneillRobyn O'Neill

Celebrating Robyn O'Neill for supporting Inner West families as a Family Day Care Educator since 1993. Children feel at Home at Robyn's place, free to explore and learn through play and nature. Robyn O'Neill is an extraordinary woman.

IWDFlowerRosalie Nunn

Celebrating Rosalie Nunn, my guiding leader and a midwife at Canterbury Hospital. She inspires me and has done a lot for me. She is dedicated to helping bring children into the world. I am lucky to have her in my life.

Rosanna BarberoRosanna Barbero

Celebrating Rosanna Barbero for her leadership during the pandemic building the food relief hamper program and supporting community wellbeing through many engagement activities. Rosanna is an amazing leader and supporter of community, especially the most marginalised.

Rosemary BurnsideRosemary Burnside

Celebrating Rosemary Burnside, she works tirelessly to rescue food and deliver it to organisations that distribute the food to those in need.


Ruth Bradfield LingRuth Bradfield Ling

Celebrating Ruth Bradfield Ling, Principal of Marrickville West Primary for steadfast commitment to supporting the educational needs of children with special needs and struggles.

Sandra TriulziSandra Triulzi

Celebrating Sandra Triulzi for her strong voice and dedication to the protection and empowerment of women and girls in the community.


Sarah HarrisonSarah Harrison

Celebrating, Sarah Harrison for always thinking about our community when it comes to programs and for lifting my spirits when feeling down with a good chuckle. Intelligent, strong, and caring, she enables me to be the best I can be. She's an extraordinary blessing to me and all those she works with.

Sarah LalorSarah Lalor

Celebrating Sarah Lalor, my mother, one of the strongest and most resilient women I know. She's kind, smart and generous and has helped me and my sister to adapt to new circumstances. She deserves the world.

Sarah van RynSarah van Ryn

Celebrating Sarah van Ryn - her mission is to be gender inclusive. She's introduced a Pride match, a women's social round, team co-captains and built a league with gender parity.

Sarah-Vyne VassalloSarah-Vyne Vassallo

Celebrating Sarah-Vyne Vassallo - such a beautiful soul.


Simone Amelia JordanSimone Amelia Jordan

Celebrating Simone Amelia Jordan, my daughter. Her mission is to elevate emerging First Nations and CALD artists and creatives and make their dreams a reality.

Sophie MorganSophie Morgan

Celebrating Sophie Morgan - a wonderful friend to me. It's a privilege to love her as much as I do.


Stacey BarnesStacey Barnes

Celebrating Stacey Barnes who runs the Rainbow Families Inner West Playgroup each Thursday. Stacey is a volunteer coordinator, welcoming new families to the community.

Steph DashSteph Dash

Celebrating Steph Dash - the best sister ever, who works so hard but always makes time for her family.


Sue FiferSue Fifer

Celebrating Sue Fifer, well-known for decades as a dedicated receptionist of Dr Mak at Beattie Street Balmain.


IWDFlowerSutheera Sim Lind

Celebrating Sutheera Sim Lind, a king-hearted neighbour, wife, mother of two sons and store manager at Balmain 'Baker's Delight' for several years.


Tenzin BurtonTenzin Burton

Celebrating Tenzin Burton - a warm, patient, funny respectful and kind soul who is the big sister my daughter always wanted.


Teresa SavageTeresa Savage

Celebrating Teresa Savage - an inspiration and a mentor, even though she may not realise that. A strong woman and pioneer who supports the LGBTIQ community in a kind, intelligent and thoughtful way.


Celebrating Togi - inquisitive, enthusiastic, and always thinking of ways to save the environment and make it fun. She's a cheerful addition to conversations and the quirk we all need. I love that she shares her mum's cooking! Togi is fab.

Toni SmithToni Smith

Celebrating Toni Smith - a kind, generus, insightful person who has educated many of us on the culture of her local Aboriginal community. Toni is amazing in her job with indigenous women and the community. She is a loyal, lovely, kind, generous, and an amazing friend.

Uppinder VirdiUpinder Virdi

Celebrating Upinder Virdi, the most hard-working women I know. She learned a new way of life away from her family, adapted and took the challenges in her stride. I'm proud of Upinder for preserving her rich culture and heritage and grateful she passed those sacred traditions down to me.

Vi PhamVi Pham

Celebrating Vi Pham - the more I connect with you the more astounded I am at the depth and breadth of your work! Thanks to you for all the support you offer the community.

Vicky KarmogianniVicky Karmogianni

Celebrating Vicky Karmogianni - for supporting your students as they traverse the complicated and unpredictable road to adulthood and being open to new ideas and opportunities. Thank you for uplifting them in so many ways and allowing them to shine.

Vietnamese Carer Support GroupVietnamese Carer Support Group at ECSC

Celebrating Vietnamese Carers Support Group, a group of resilient mothers who care for children with disability. They meet to learn from and support each other. When they get together, they dress up, talk openly and laugh loudly.

Vivi and Lindy in Storytelling apronsVivi, Lindy and the Marrickville Connect team

Celebrating Vivi, Lindy and the Marrickville Connect team for creativity, care and enthusiasm in their work with families who are raising young children in Marrickville.

Vivian NguyenVivian Nguyen

Celebrating Vivian Nguyen, for the community haven in her tiny coffee shop. She donates generously to food drives, local schools and is the heart of Summer Hill. Her generosity to children and the Vietnamese community is extraordinary. She's a treasure.

Vivienne WinborneVivienne Winborne

Celebrating Vivienne Winborne - we might not speak much anymore, but I always appreciate the yearly word tradition we have around New Year's.


IWDFlowerWei Ying Ho

Celebrating Wei Ying - fun, funny, patient and understanding. I enjoy her company, cherish her friendship and love that we have nothing and everything in common. She's a goddess in our house.

Wendy ColemanWendy Coleman

Celebrating Wendy Coleman - the pastor for young families at Darling Street Anglican Church. A wonderful person who exhibits warmth, empathy, care and grace. Wendy is an active leader and parenting educator in the Inner West.

Wendy SharpeWendy Sharpe

Celebrating Wendy Sharpe. One of Australia's leading artists, she recently completed the 'Women's Empowerment Mural at the corner of Church and Federation Streets Newtown.

Yacine GandegaYacine Gandega

Celebrating Yacine Gandega - a shining light, with a heart of compassion creativity and courage. She is a blessing in my life, and has awed me with her bravery,  kindness, strength and wisdom.

Zoe EdsonZoe

Zoe - you are creative, brave, kind, funny, adaptable, clever, strong, thoughtful and lots of fun. I love listening to you play the guitar and sing. I love how you do stuff that scares you.

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