Womens Honour Roll

Women's Honour Roll

We honour the following women and girls in our community who have made a contribution to empowerment, equality, social justice and inclusion.

The Honour Roll celebrates all local women, including First Nations women, LGBTIQ+ women and women of intersecting and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Find out more about International Women's Day and the Honour Roll here

2019 Honour Roll Members

Anju Srivastava

2019 Honour Roll Recipient - Anju SrivastavaWe honour and celebrate Anju for her outstanding volunteer work to make the Inner West more welcoming for migrant women. Anju teaches English to new arrivals with very limited English. She works one-on-one or in small groups to help with those very early day language difficulties.  Her students are mostly women and Anju creates a wonderfully positive environment in her classes. Her focus is on helping these women find their voices in their new home. Anju also volunteers extensively with RAIN - The Resourceful Australian Indian Network. Through RAIN, Anju facilitates a social group that assists migrants to support each other as they navigate challenges and develop the confidence and skills to take full advantage of their new home here in Australia.


Annabelle Daniel

2019 Honour Roll Recipient - Annabelle We honour Annabelle for making a difference to the lives of thousands of women and children across NSW, who would otherwise have nowhere to go in times of crisis. As Chief Executive Officer of the charity, Women's Community Shelters, Annabelle has set up six Women's shelters in the last six years. Every night, 100 women and children are safer across NSW because these shelters exists In 2018, Women's Community Shelters provided an additional 30,000 bed nights in a desperately overstretched sector, where more than one in two women who need a bed in a shelter are turned away due to a lack of space. Annabelle has demonstrated persistence, grit and determination in the interests of serving women and children experiencing crisis and homelessness.

Barbara Ramjan

2019 Honour Roll Recipient - BarbaraWe honour Barbara – a tireless, fearless advocate, dedicated to assisting the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our community.  From people identifying as LBGTIQ in a time when to do so was considered criminal, to people with disabilities or new migrants and refugees. Barbara is not afraid to take the unpopular route or to step forward on behalf of others knowing she will bear the brunt of the work, criticism, or emotional drain. The list of Barbara’s professional and voluntary contributions and achievements extraordinary, and too long to list . Highlights include; 78’er, Children’s Court Advisory Committee Member,  Guardian ad Litem Courts and Tribunals of NSW, Legal Aid Board Member, Member of the Guardianship Tribunal and Immigration Review Tribunal. Barbara champions the vulnerable members of our community.

Elena Lambrinos

2019 Honour Roll Recipient - ElenaWe honour Elena for her outstanding contribution to empowering women as a director, teacher, employer and mentor at her studio Dance Domain. Through her own negative experiences in dance classes, Elena has made it her lifelong mission to create a welcoming, positive and inclusive environment for children to learn dance. Elena welcomes students who have been asked to leave other studios or can't find classes to suit them.  Elena’s studio is a space where students of all capacities and abilities experience a sense of belonging and community. Elena removes competition, judgment and negativity from dance education and creates a lifelong love of dance.


Jakalene Williams

2019 Honour Roll Recipient - JakaleneWe honour Jakalene as an outstanding volunteer in our community.   Her work places an emphasis on participation, education and awareness of Indigenous culture, creating opportunities to learn about Australia's First Nations peoples. Jakalene organises free Indigenous Culture workshops for local preschools, primary schools and social groups.  The workshops provide fun and meaningful insights into Aboriginal culture and include all people and cultural groups.  Via dance, storytelling and cooking with traditional bush flavours, Jakalene’s intergenerational, inclusive approach mean this taste of culture is welcoming, engaging and accessible for everyone. Jakalene facilitates teaching of Aboriginal didgeridoo and dance to Indigenous primary school children. She is an important mentor in the community – both for the young people who go through her program and the emerging leaders who gain opportunities as artists in her programming.

Joanna Karalis

2019 Honour Roll Recipient - JoannaWe honour Joanna’s courage, generosity and vision in founding the not for profit, We All Care.  Joanna has created a far reaching, well connected, efficient volunteer movement that contributes to reducing the disadvantage of people experiencing financial hardship. Through We All Care Joanna supports thousands of families with donations of much-needed items (like clothing, nappies, toiletries and school supplies).  Rallying almost 1500 volunteers, Joanna runs We All Care days in disadvantaged communities, distributing donated goods to those in need.  Joanna’s work is far ranging. From setting up a household full of items for a woman escaping domestic violence to delivering 10,800 brand new gift wrapped Christmas presents in 2018.

Lois Dillon

2019 Honour Roll Recipient - LoisWe honour Lois for her work as Operations Manager for the Social Enterprise, Mates On the Move. Mates on the Move is a removal, recycling and storage company that creates education and employment opportunities for men and women exiting the justice system.   Mates On the Move provides training to people leaving prison so they are job ready. The training includes Certificate II in Warehouse Operations, Certificate III in Furniture Removals, forklift licenses, work health and safety blue cards and life skills like cooking skills. Mates On the Move also provides ongoing employment for ex-prisoners. Lois helps people build new lives in our community.


Stella Kim

2019 Honour Roll Recipient - StellaWe honour Stella for her work keeping older community members active and connected. Stella provides free hydrotherapy sessions at Enfield Pool for a diverse group of community members, many of whom have limited social opportunities.  The hydrotherapy sessions help participants keep their health on track and connected to others in the community. Stella is always friendly and professional. Stella organises a cake for participant’s birthdays, Christmas and special events so that everyone who attends her hydrotherapy sessions feel like family especially those who have no family. Stella is kind hearted, she has a small veggie patch in her clinic where she grows veggies to share with her clients. Stella provides an important source of connection in our community through her generosity and contribution.

Vanessa Gonzalez

2019 Honour Roll Recipient - VanessaWe honour Vanessa for her enormous contribution to families – particularly LGBTIQ families - in the Inner West. As the Co-Chair of Rainbow Families Vanessa works to build a community and foster resiliency by connecting, supporting and empowering LGBTIQ families.Vanessa’s contribution has been a long term one, to give you an idea of her impact, in the last 12 months Vanessa’s achievements include; starting a Youth Advisory Council for the children of LGBTIQ parents.  Working on a separation guide for LGBTIQ parents. Advocating for more inclusive services for LGBTIQ parents and their families. Running the first resilience camp for children of LGBTIQ parents. Vanessa also works on projects outside of Rainbow Families. She is an active member of the Summer Hill Primary School P&C and is leading a campaign to raise awareness of the lack of co-ed secondary schools in the Inner West.

2019 Emerging Leader

Roisin Young Murphy

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Roisin MurphyRoisin was the Vice-Captain at Tempe High in 2018. She was a leader in the establishment of the "Sydney Student Leaders Coalition" which campaigns across school communities on issues ranging from sexual harassment to renewable energy. Roisin and her colleagues in the Sydney Student Leaders Coalition wrote a sexual harassment prevention policy, and campaigned to have it implemented in schools across the Inner West. Later, they initiated a campaign to install solar panels on local schools, which received the support of the Inner West Council.


2019 Honour Roll Nominees

Chantelle O'Donohoe

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Chantelle ODonohoeChantelle has conducted extensive volunteer work empowering others, particularly young women, who she sees as being our future. She dedicates her free-time to giving back to her community through volunteer work and has also held a couple of self-love and self-branding workshops. Chantelle volunteered with over 17 charities throughout 2018 which lead to her becoming the 'Humanitarian of The Year' at the Australian Beauty Pageant Awards in November. She regularly hosts clean up days throughout the Inner West and is encouraged when other locals want to join her in her efforts. She is extremely caring and compassionate and is always once of the first people to put their own suffering aside to be there for others.


Dr Starlette Isaacs

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Starlette IsaacsDr Starlette has cared for the population of the Balmain/Rozelle area and surrounds physically and emotionally for nearly fifty years in her role as GP, mentor and friend. A self-professed feminist, she promotes women’s rights and takes every opportunity to empower and encourage women of all ages. She is a promoter of community welfare, as an immigrant herself decades ago, she understands the difficulties faced by new migrants and has helped people with legal and social matters where applicable. The qualities she demonstrates are warmth, kindness, enthusiasm and her continued support and effort with her patients.


Dulce Munoz

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Dulce MunozDulce was is one of the National Convenors of Mums for Refugees. She is working towards an Australia that is fair, just and inclusive, and treats asylum seekers and refugees with dignity and compassion. As a group, Mums 4 Refugees (M4R) has helped to bring over 34 people to Australia from offshore detention for urgent medical care. M4R are the first people they see when they get off the plane - they meet them with toiletries, pyjamas and other necessities. Dulce believes that motherhood is a sort of ‘citizenship’ of its own. Mothers want the best for their children and the country that houses their children, whether it is the place you were born or a new place you’ve come to live. "As mothers, we can’t stand by. We are agents of change."


Emma Hurst

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Emma HurstEmma was nominated for her work as a psychologist, her fundraising, work to prevent domestic violence and her contribution as an Animal Activist working to end intensive farming and other cruel animal practices. She volunteered years of work in most of these fields in addition to her paid employment. Emma's main drive and passion is helping animals. She moved into animal advocacy a decade ago working to end intensive farming and other cruel animal practices.She has since been an inspiration to other women and has found strength from her situation. She has spoken at events about the link between domestic violence and animal abuse, and has worked directly with the police to increase their understanding that animal abuse is a sign of human abuse and, therefore, the need to take animal abuse more seriously.


Emma Kate Wallace

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Emma WallaceEmma co-founded WEFTshop and collaborates with refugee and migrant artisans from Burma to create Fair Trade textiles. She also raises awareness among Australian consumers about the benefits of Fair Trade. Emma supports and collaborates with refugee and migrant artisans from Burma to create Fair Trade textiles that promote economic and cultural empowerment for marginalised women. Her work helps to preserve artisans‘ traditional skills and creates an opportunity for artisans to access a fair wage. Emma has a strong personal belief in taking action for social justice. She believes in using her skills to help others. She inspires others to support her in her belief that if we work together with kindness and respect we can help change people's lives and empower and enrich each other and our communities.

Jackie Ruddock

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Jackie RuddockJackie combines her passion for entrepreneurship with her commitment to gender equality and compassion toward refugees and new migrants.  She established, The Social Outfit - an incredibly successful Inner West social enterprise that provides employment and training in the fashion industry to people from refugee and new migrant communities in clothing production, retail, design and marketing.   The Social Outfit believes that by tapping into the creativity of refugee communities it can lead to empowerment and social inclusion. Since it's establishment in 2014, The Social Outfit has employed 18 people, across 21,000+ hours of paid work, including 15 for whom this was their first job in Australia and provided 17 people with transitions to new employment.

Jennifer Killen

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Jennifer KillenJennifer is an advocate for St Peters especially in response to WestConnex. She has also worked work with the Leichhardt Friends of Hebron - helping deliver education and food to this community in Palestine. Jennifer is known for her particular interest in teaching maths to girls. She has taught maths for many years in the public education system, she's been and active member of her union, the NSW Teacher's Federation, been a strong advocate for her suburb of St Peters and is the driving force behind Leichhardt Friends of Hebron, who fundraise for a pre-school in Hebron Palestine. Jennifer is a doer and demonstrates the qualities of tenacity, determination, and a powerful sense of social justice and fairness.

Jo Tilly

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Jo TillyJo has made a significant contribution towards improving our workplaces via gender policy and advocacy, human rights, and diversity and inclusion. She manages the diversity and inclusion program at the UTS Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion. Jo has worked across government, the NGO sector, the trade union movement and with corporates in gender policy and advocacy, human rights, and diversity and inclusion for more than twenty years. Prior to joining UTS, she was most recently Manager of Research & Policy at Diversity Council Australia, a NSW Government policy advisor and worked for the Australian Human Rights Commission. Jo is passionate about making workplaces better for everyone, particularly through improving flexible working.

Mayet Costello

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Mayet CostelloMayet is dedicated to working in the area of prevention and response to violence against women and girls. She is the Co-Manager Sexual Assault & Integrated Violence, Abuse and Neglect Team at the NSW Health Prevention and Response to Violence Abuse and Neglect Unit. She started her career as a frontline worker in sexual violence and women's health. Later, she led national work in the area of perpetrator interventions, in an effort to inform and guide policy responses in this area. Mayet is a dedicated and long-term contributor in an area of policy and services that can be very challenging on a personal level. Her work is often behind the scenes, and often not publicly recognised, but critical to the protection of women and girls against all kinds of violence.

Melanie Warman

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Melanie WarmanMelanie has launched and runs GreenWay Parkrun and Boobs on the run - making the magic of movement and community accessible to all. She is an Event Director at GreenWay parkrun and owner of Boobs on the Run. Through launching and running GreenWay parkrun, Melanie has provided a safe and inclusive environment for people to be active on a weekly basis. This event is always free and provides an opportunity for people to run or walk 5km each week as part of a wonderful community regardless of gender, age, running ability, or economic status. In addition she started Boobs on the Run, a running club that empowers women by teaching them to run and supporting Breast Cancer Research. GreenWay parkrun impacts the physical and mental well being of each and every person who participates.

Michelle Leonard

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Michelle LeonardMichelle has run the inclusive, no audition, Leichhardt Espresso Chorus for 20 years as choir director and empowers women to sing. The Leichhardt Espresso Chorus (LEC) has consistently invigorated and united the Inner West Arts community, over the last 20 years, through classical and contemporary choral works. The LEC is a non-audition choir, inviting and embracing anyone from the local area who loves to sing. From a fledgling group of 20 intrepid singers, our latest concert included over 130 artists, encompassing the choir, professional orchestra and career soloists, as well as an audience in excess of 300. Over its history the LEC has enabled hundreds of local choristers, and tens of thousands of local audience members the chance to experience the joy of live choral music in the Inner West.

Miranda Shaw

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Miranda ShawMiranda is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the Inner West community and is proud to serve the diverse community she is part of. For the past six years Miranda has been the General Manager of Community Health Services for Sydney Local Health District which serves the population of the Inner West. Miranda manages services which span postnatal to end-of-life including: community home nursing; child, youth and family health; sexual assault; domestic violence; sexual health and HIV services. Miranda has always brought a strong equity focus to her leadership role and used this to influence workforce culture, service planning, models of care and funding allocation. Miranda has an unswerving commitment to focusing on equitable access to health services for those in the community who need the most support, in particular vulnerable women and children.

Rachel Eagleton

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Rachel EagletonRachel volunteers as the as the Event Director for the GreenWay Parkrun and provides a safe and inclusive environment for people to be active on a weekly basis. This event is always free and provides an opportunity for people to run or walk 5km each week as part of a wonderful community regardless of gender, age, running ability, or economic status. Rachel is dedicated to making the magic of movement and community accessible to all. She is an inspiration for service to the community.


Rachel Toinette

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Rachel ToinetteRachel was nominated for her work at the Department of Family and Community Services in Ashfield and her efforts to  Co-Found the Young Women's Professional Network within the Department of Family and Community Services. The Young Women's Professional Network aims to provide a space for young women in the public sector to collaborate with other women, mentor and be mentored, put forward innovative ideas and collaborate on equality and diversity projects .


Rosanna Barbero

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Rosanna BarberoRosanna contributes to empowering women, to equality and social justice and inclusion as CEO of Addison Road Community Centre and as a volunteer. Rosanna makes a daily contribution to empowering women, to equality and social justice and inclusion through her role as the CEO of Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville and her personal commitment to a range of social justice campaigns including Women’s Wave, campaigns for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum, and her volunteer service as board member of the Ethnic Community Services Cooperative and Community Cultural Connections, among others. Rosanna is known for her courage to speak up, the respect to take time to listen, the flexibility and compassion required to respond immediately to someone in need, an indefatigable sense of justice and an inspiring thirst for knowledge and understanding.

Sylvana Mahmic

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Sylvana MahmicSylvana advocates for early childhood intervention and is working towards a society where children with disabilities and developmental delays, and their families, have a full life in the community. She has worked for over twenty years in the early childhood intervention field, with a particular expertise in a whole of family and community approach to early childhood intervention. She has developed several initiatives which target the wider community, in particular, the culturally and linguistically diverse community. Sylvana truly believes that every child with a disability or developmental delay has a right to participate in family and community life, and she works to empower families to make this a reality. She demonstrated an inclusive, flexible community approach available to everyone. She creates relationships and networks between communities for families, peer organisations and supporters.

Tamara Regan-Thompson

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Tamara Regan-ThompsonTamara was nominated for her work as a Learning and Support Teacher at Tempe High School, her commitment to inclusion, her work with the St Peters Residents and Friends Facebook group and her community activism against WestConnex. In Tamara’s daily work as a Learning and Support Teacher in a local public high school, she works with all staff in the school, collaborates with families to ensure that children with additional needs are included in all aspects of school life alongside their typically developing peers. In her community volunteer work, Tamara has participated in countless community rallies, has written letters and always looks out for community members who may be unable to do so themselves such as elderly or neighbours with mobility difficulties and women with families like herself.

Tanya Jackson-Vaughan

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Tanya Jackson VaughanTanya was nominated for her dedication as a human rights advocate and her leadership the Refugee Advice & Casework Service (RACS).  Providing a dedicated and free legal service to people seeking asylum and refugees. She has worked tirelessly over the past 8 years improving the lives of asylum seekers and migrants, offering free legal advice and support to a non government funded organisation. She has had a huge impact in the field that she works in, leading a team of 30 staff and many more volunteers to provide free legal service to asylum seekers and refugees coming to Australia.


Uppma Virdi

2019 Honour Roll Nominee - Uppma VirdiUppma was nominated for creating Chai Walli. While working as a lawyer, she decided to embark on a journey to share her Indian Australian heritage through tea and launched a side hustle called Chai Walli. Uppma runs Chai Walli by visiting family owned organic and fair trade tea estates in India, imports teas and spices and handcraft some of the most authentic and award winning Chai blends right here in Australia. Uppma is first generation Indian migrant in Australia. While being affected by cross cultural barriers in being a woman, she has become an empowered and passionate woman always striving for change and gender parity. She has become a role model for many women through her work and her public speaking. Uppma is the epitome of strength and has paved a path for those not knowing how to pursue their passions and those facing cross-cultural Barrier.

2019 Posthumous Honour Roll Nominees


Annette Kellerman

Annette was nominated for being a trail-blazer of the health and fitness industry. She invented a new form of aquatic entertainment that combined swimming, diving, acrobatics and ballet. She was the first Australian woman to appear in a Hollywood movie. She spent much of her life exhorting women to take up regular exercise – at a time when women were still wearing heavy full-length dresses and suffocating corsets. Her lectures on the benefits of healthy living attracted almost as many people as her diving displays. Her most famous bathing suit was a modified version of Australian man’s bathers that caused a scandal in Boston in 1907. Arrested for public indecency, the case was dismissed and the resulting newspaper headlines and outpouring of public support sounded the death-knell for Victorian attitudes towards women's swimwear and fashion.

Betty Spears

Betty was nominated for her efforts in the areas of equal pay and family working rights. And for establishing a not for profit long day care centre in Tempe, which still exists and is thriving. She was educated at St Brigid’s Marrickville and worked for the Department of Labour and Industry from 1942 to 1947. Betty became a clerical worker for the vehicle builders union in 1954, where she worked until 1988. She joined the Australian Labor Party Dulwich Hill branch in 1954 where she started campaigning for family working rights and equal pay for women. Betty Spears was born at a time when women in the workforce were confined to clerical jobs at low pay – and were expected to leave their jobs when they married. But, she was a woman who very early on took up the fight for equal pay. She has had a childcare centre and a park named after her, both in the Inner West Council LGA, in recognition of her connection and contribution to the Marrickville area.

Edna Shaw OBE

Edna was nominated for her professionalism, kindness, unwavering commitment to obstetrics and women's and babies health. Edna was educated at Miss Hogg’s school in Petersham and at Goulburn, and began her nursing career at Marrickville Cottage Hospital as a probationer in 1914. By January 1919 she was acting matron, for one month, at the sixty-bed Women’s Hospital in Crown Street, and gained her mothercraft certificate in 1927 from Tresillian Mothercraft Training School in Petersham. Appointed matron of Crown Street in 1936, Edna Shaw worked long hours, visited every mother and baby daily, giving advice or practical help when needed, and inspected kitchen, laundry and staff quarters. If necessary, she would work the switchboard, stoke furnaces, prepare meals or scrub floors. She acted as unofficial child-minder until the hospital's crèche was opened. With 'a mixture of simplicity and guile', she offered sympathy and support to unmarried mothers and helped to arrange hundreds of adoptions annually.

Lori Short

Lori was nominated for being passionate about people, heritage and the Tempe community and dedicating much of her life to improving the area.   During her life she became one of Tempe’s most determined community activists. She was passionate about people, heritage and the Tempe community and dedicated much of her life to improving services and amenities in the area. As an activist, Lori fought to prevent the former Tempe Tip site being used for waste transfer, remembering the appalling amenity of locals who lived nearby the old tip. She was a key member of the Tempe Residents Group, coordinator of the St Peters Sydenham Tempe Neighbourhood Centre, and a tireless volunteer for numerous local organisations including Tempe Public School. Today, Lori Short Reserve Reserve in Tempe is the open space she wanted for her community. 

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