Film club

All library programs are suspended until further notice - Inner West Council Coronavirus response plan


From Hollywood classics, to arthouse beauties, live a more cinematic life at your local library!

Film screenings are free for library members. Not a member? Join now, its free!

Foreign language films are subtitled in English. Bookings open one month in advance:

Ashfield Library

Wild Rose (M, 101mins, 2018) Drama/Music
Thursday, 26 March, 10:30am

Ride Like a Girl (PG, 99mins, 2019) Drama
Thursday, 30 April, 10:30am

Knives Out (M, 130mins, 2019) Drama/Crime
Thursday, 28 May, 10:30am

Little Women (G, 135mins, 2019) Drama
Thursday, 25 June, 10:30am

Balmain Library

The Favourite (MA15+, 119mins, 2018) Drama/History

Wednesday, 18 March, 5:30pm

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (M, 106mins, 1956) Noir/Thriller
Friday, 27 March, 2pm

The White Crow (M, 102mins, 2018) Drama
Wednesday, 20 May, 5:30pm

The House on 92nd Street (M, 88mins, 1950) Noir/Thriller
Friday, 29 May, 2pm

The Good Liar (M, 109mins, 2019) Drama/Crime
Wednesday, 17 June, 5:30pm

Loophole (M, 80mins, 1953) Noir/Thriller
Friday, 26 June, 2pm

Leichhardt Library

I Feel Good (M, 103mins, 2018) French, Comedy

Thursday, 9 April, 5:30pm

Top End Wedding (M, 123mins, 2019) Comedy
Tuesday, 12 May, 2pm

An Unexpected Love (M, 125mins, 2019) Spanish, Drama
Thursday, 14 May, 5:30pm

Pavarotti (M, 124mins, 2019) Documentary
Tuesday, 9 June, 2pm

Yuli (M, 106mins, 2018) Drama
Thursday, 11 June, 5:30pm

Marrickville Library

Green Book (M, 130mins, 2016) Drama

Friday, 27 March, 10am

The Invisible Woman (M, 111mins, 2013) Drama/Romance
Friday, 8 May, 10am

Judy (M, 118mins, 2019) Drama
Friday, 29 May, 10am

The Goldfinch (M, 149mins, 2019) Drama
Friday, 12 June, 10am

Pain and Glory (MA15+, 115mins, 2018) Drama
Friday, 26 June, 10am

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