Public wifi

Free public WiFi is now available in:

  • Annandale Village
  • Rozelle Village shopping precincts
  • Leichhardt’s Norton Street
  • Balmain's Darling Street shopping precinct.

You can get up to two hours of free WiFi each day between 5am and 2am the following day.

Look for the “Free WiFi” signs on the footpaths and in the shop fronts.

Using our Free WiFi

The WiFi Service is provided by OneWiFi (Infrastructure Logic Pty Ltd) on behalf of Inner West Council.

The service is available in selected areas within the Inner West Council main street precincts only. The service is accessible at street level but no guarantees are provided as to coverage inside shops and premises.

The WiFi Service is for casual use by residents and visitors, it is not intended for use by business operators as a substitute for their own day-to-day retail business or office needs.

Details may be recorded about access, usage and device of the WiFi Service, to the extent permitted or required by law. The operator of the service, OneWiFi, is required by law to release information to the appropriate Government agencies under Data Retention obligations (please refer to

Geographical location information of devices may be used to produce statistical reports – this information will be used on an aggregated and anonymous basis only.

Use of the WiFi Service is limited to 2 hours a day and maximum daily data usage of 250 MB is considered fair use. The WiFi service will be monitored and access to certain protocols such as BitTorrent, or illegal and obscene sites will be restricted.

The WiFi Service is NOT encrypted or protected and users of the service are responsible for their own security and protection of their data and of their device.

OneWiFi and Inner West Council reserve the right to withhold or limit access to the WiFi Service where breaches of the terms and conditions of use have been detected.

Tell us what you think

If you would like to let us know what you think about the service or find our more information, contact

Having Problems?

The WiFi network is operated by Sydney firm OneWiFi (Infrastructure Logic Pty Ltd). If you have any problems with a WiFi hotspot, please contact their helpdesk on 1300 161 344, 9am-5pm weekdays, or email

Wifi and Local Businesses

Council’s free WiFi is ready to boost your business.

You can now use the new free WiFi service to boost your business with the free self-service Business Directory.

Upload information about your business, advertise special offers and market your business to customers in and around the business precinct.

The advertising and directory will be presented to users as they log onto the WiFi Service and will provide a new link between customers and your business.

Subscription to the directory is free.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new marketing opportunity, you can register your business details at, create your directory listing and upload your advertisement*.

How can free WiFi Help my business?

Research has shown that free WiFi helps to boost local economies, with:

  • An improved experience for visitors, with an increase in patronage
  • Shoppers spending more time and money in local businesses
  • Home-based business operators enticed onto main streets to conduct their business and contribute to the economy
  • New businesses attracted to the area, in turn increasing employment.

Free Business Information and Training

Council is keen to share information about what free WiFi can offer your business, to upskill you in how to harness the value of having free WiFi available in your area and to show you how to be part of the Business Directory and make it work for you.

For more information on how to register your business and to use the free Business Directory please contact Council’s Economic Development Team at  or call (02) 9392 5689 (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only).

Free WiFi is part of Leichhardt Council’s overall Mainstreet Revitalisation Strategy. We are working to improve amenity, increase the offer to shoppers and visitors and add vitality to make our mainstreets great places for business.

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Page last updated: 18 Mar 2019