Our infants and pre-school program is designed to assist infants, young children and their parents to become familiar with the water and develop water confidence.

We aim to achieve basic swimming and water safety skills through play, exploration and encouragement in a predictable and comfortable environment.

We choose activities for age appropriateness and suitability level of the group and recommend free “water play” (under close adult supervision) after your lessons.

We offer threes levels as follows:

  • WaterBabes - WBabe 6 months - 16 months
  • WaterTots - WTot 16 months - 30+ months
  • Early Tadpoles - ETad 30 months - 36 months

Early Tadpoles is designed to bridge the gap between WaterTots and Tadpoles, readying the infant for lessons independent from the parent/carer. This transition class works towards minimising the level of involvement from the parent/carer over the course of time. The Early Tadpole level is only offered to swimmers who have been promoted from our WaterTots. It is not an entry point unless the child has had previous water experience in a class setting. Progression out of Early Tadpoles is based on ability,age and emotional readiness.


The following is a guide to some of the many skills to be practiced and mastered over your child's time in the waterbaby program:

  • Child happy to participate in lesson
  • Water confidence in “playtime”
  • Ability to demonstrate paddling arms and kicking legs
  • Underwater submersions (progressing from assisted towards a free float)
  • Breath control (mouth closed progressing to bubbles)
  • Self submersions
  • Submerge, turn and climb out (assisted through to unassisted)


All parent/child lessons take place in the 18m program pool.
The pool is enclosed and covered, purpose-built for swimming lessons all year round.

Water is heated at 31 degrees Celsius, the air temperature is kept at an ideal level for the participants and teacher’s comfort.

Water quality is monitored twice daily and is kept at maximum standards for government regulations.


It is LPAC policy that all children under the age of 4, must wear a tight fitting aqua pant beneath regular swimmers whilst participating in our programs.

We cannot make exceptions to this policy.


  • Children under the age of 4 must wear a tight fitting aqua nappy beneath regular swimmers. We recommend and sell 'The Happy Nappy". It is Swim School Policy that all children under four regardless of toileting level wear the aqua nappy.
  • Children wearing board shorts must have a level of containment underneath.
  • Parents should wear a T-Shirt over-the-top of their swimmers to every lesson, which will be used as a teaching technique, for infants to “reach-and-grab”.
  • Bring a towel for parent and baby plus a spare can be helpful.
  • Warm, dry and dress your child after the lesson before leaving the centre, especially during cooler months.
  • Take extra care with sunscreen and other creams. These can make infants slippery and difficult to hold.
  • Keep your child’s shoulders and torson under the water as much as possible. This avoids excessive heat loss
  • Do not give your child food and drink immediately before their lesson. This can cause an upset tummy which can have disastrous effects and lead to an unproductive lesson.


Outside of lessons, give your child practice and playtime back floats attached to them. We believe it is of most important for your child to master the water environment on their own.

We use floatation aids in the program to add colour and interest and assist with building confidence. They are used in balanced way so as not to create a dependency.

Floatation aids can give the parent and child a false sense of security and can demote the horizontal body position your child’s instructor is trying to achieve.

Remember flotation aids are no substitute for constant and close adult supervision when infants and children are in and around the water.

No matter what aquatic ability, NO infant or child should be considered water safe.


Please let your child’s instructor or the LTS Supervisor know of any medical conditions or special requirements that could affect participating in their swimming lessons. This can include:

  • allergies
  • impairments such as hearing or sight
  • asthma
  • behavioural traits

The more information you can provide the better we can achieve well, structured and rounded lessons that allow for your child to progress through the program.


Please no not bring your child to swimming lessons if they are unwell and/or have a fever, rash or runny nose.

This puts other children and the instructor at risk of infection.


If possible, encourage your child to use the toilet prior to the start of class.

We realise most infants will not be toilet trained when they commence swimming lessons, and will still be wearing nappies.

Infants must be removed from the water if they have soiled their pants and thoroughly cleaned before returning to the lesson in a clean pair of pants.

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Page last updated: 16 Nov 2018