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When I first started coming to LPAC in September 2013, I was only attending the Tuesday night Cardio Boxing class. I’d bought myself a 20 class pass, as I didn’t think I’d ever want to use the gym equipment as I found it too intimidating.

Fast forward April 2015, and in the past 5 months, I have now lost just under 12 kgs, and more than 6cm off my waist and hips AND I'm no longer intimidated by the gym.

2 Staff Members from LPAC have helped me IMMENSELY. I had 2 appointments with Mel Tenho (nutritionist) back in November and I have changed my eating habits for good. In the first week alone I lost 1.5kgs from not having sugar, processed or fatty foods.

Rosetta Ferraro is my other life saver! I’ve been having a minimum of 1 PT session a week, but sometimes two. Her encouragement and motivation for me as well as her knowledge (fitness and nutrition wise) is fantastic.

Amelia Dixon

I've been working with personal trainers @ LPAC for the last 6 months and have seen amazing results after having my 1st child. I have never felt stronger or healthier. They make each session challenging, creative and fun! Placing a high value on correct form with every exercise. Suzie and Val have both motivated me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy and new muscles!! They know just how and when to encourage and when to push though never too much - Highest recommendations.


I have been using LPAC facilities for a year now,i started with the hydrotherapy pool for an injury rehab, after a few months of this i wanted to do more and one day i saw a pesonal training session taking place outside the hydro pool, I introduced myself to the trainer Max, i started personal training with him, he was great at understanding what i needed and wanted to achieve and set about helping me to do this, I and others soon noticed the difference in me, thanks to Max and his work with me i had gained my confidence in my body working again, back. Within a few months I was using the gym on my own with confidence, I had always felt intimidated by gyms before this.

One year later ive taken part in the 30day weight loss challenge, still using the gym and having personal training sessions with Max and doing his Aqua Aerobics classes which i really enjoy.

Thankyou Max you have helped me change my life 4 the better, and thankyou LPAC for your great facilities, helpfull and friendly staff, I look forward to the next year at LPAC and what surprises it brings.

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