Toddlers and school age

There are a range of classes to suit your child’s ability including:


Class Ratio 4:1

This class introduces the child to their first level of swimming education without the parent or carer. Elementary swimming skills such as; kicking, paddling and breathing are taught as well as safety skills including floating, entries and exits.

To graduate this level, children must:

  • Swim independently for 3m demonstrating taking a breath
  • Float independently
  • Demonstrate a propulsive kick with a board.


Class Ratio 5:1

This class further develops dog paddle to include breathing and distance as well as introducing basic freestyle arms.

Streamlining torpedoes and backstroke kicking skills are also established. Frogs will also be introduced to various types of floating, which will aid body position in future levels.

To graduate this level, children must:

  • Swim 10m freestyle
  • Demonstrate back kick
  • Be able to enter and exit in deep water situations


Class Ratio 5:1

Basic freestyle is refined and the first stages of teaching side breathing are added. Elementary backstroke is introduced combining arm action and breathing with the already mastered back kick. Many intermediate safety skills are introduced, aimed at individual survival.

To graduate this level children must:

  • Demonstrate 15m freestyle and backstroke.
  • Demonstrate breaststroke on wall and in water on back for 10-15m
  • Demonstrate lateral side kick
  • Perform a rotation to the opposite side


Class Ratio 6:1

The combination of side breathing, freestyle arms and flutter kick are coordinated to produce freestyle with bilateral breathing.

The swimming distance is increased to 20m for freestyle and backstroke. Breaststroke kick on back is demonstrated to 20m. Advanced safety skills are introduced.


Class Ratios 6:1

Bilateral freestyle and backstroke distance is increased to 40m. Breaststroke kick on front is demonstrated to 20m. Advanced safety skills are introduced.


Class Ratios 7:1

This level aims to refine freestyle and backstroke technique, while increasing the swimmer’s stamina over longer distances to 60 and 40m respectively. Whole breaststroke is further developed. Much of the safety is taken outdoors to continue the challenge for swimmers in this level.


Class Ratios 8:1

This is the advanced stroke correction class. Freestyle and backstroke endurance is continued and extended. Breaststroke, rudimentary butterfly and standing dives are introduced for the first time. Sharks safety week takes on an endurance focus with survival and rescue sequences attempted by students.

To graduate from this last Learn to Swim level, children must:

  • be able to swim 200m strong and proficient freestyle
  • be able to swim 80m of backstroke
  • perform breaststroke with an undisqualifiable kick
  • perform skills of streamlining and tumble turns

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Page last updated: 13 May 2021