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Working towards less wasteBower truck

Waste is increasing, despite the best recycling efforts. In a disposable society many products become obsolete not long after purchase, placing pressure on the planet's finite resources.

A community that is working towards less waste is one that avoids the generation of waste and where any discarded materials are designed as a resource for other processes, no materials are discharged to land, air or water.

Council is running and supporting many local projects that aim at achieving less waste by reusing, repairing and avoiding in the first place.

Plastic bag free NSW

Community groups have been lobbying to ban single-use plastic bags for a long time and the Inner West Council is supporting the call for a ban in NSW.

Secondhand Saturday

Inner West Council's Secondhand Saturdays are the original local garage sale events in the Leichhardt area that have been giving pre-loved goods a second life for over 18 years. Check the dates and locations for this year.

The Bower Rehoming Service 

The Bower Rehoming Service offers an easy way to keep your unwanted items out of landfill. They pick up your items if they are in good condition and can reuse or repair them

Repair Café

Council is supporting this initiative by The Bower. Join one of the events and learn to buy appliances that last and the skills to repair them.

Garage Sale Trail

Inner West Council is an official supporter of this national event. The perfect occasion to declutter, reuse and meet the neighbours.

Recycling food waste

Recycling your food waste is not only better for  the environment but also saves you money. Council offers food waste recycling services and handy tips to reduce the amount of food going in to your rubbish bin.

Sustainable shopping guide

Many businesses and community enterprises in the inner west are working towards lowering their impact on the environment. Check out the Leichhardt sustainable shopping guide to choose the greenest and most waste conscious businesses in the area.


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The community engagement hub where you can get involved in important projects that shape the future of the Inner West.





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