Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is the unlawful disposal of any rubbish in public places such as streets, laneways, parks, footpaths and waterways.

Dumped rubbish is ugly and detracts from the quality of our neighbourhoods. It harms the environment by polluting soils, spreading unwanted weeds and attracting vermin. Some dumped rubbish – such as glass, sharp objects and hazardous materials – can present a health and safety hazard. Dumped rubbish is also costly to Council and the community, since ratepayer money is spent cleaning it up.

Illegal dumping is punishable by fines of up to $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for corporations under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

What should I do with my unwanted items?

Inner West Council offers clean up services for residents so they can dispose of their household items and excess waste in a responsible way.

Council also provides regular household chemical and e-waste drop off days for residents so that e-waste can be recycled and unwanted chemicals can be disposed of safely.

If you have quality items that could be reused, you can contact the Bower Reuse and Referral Centre on 9568 6280, who may collect them or refer you to other organisations that can reuse them. Visit the Bower Collection and Rehoming Service website for more information.

How can I report illegal dumping?

Please select your suburb to report an illegal dumping incident in your local area:

Inner West Council – Leichhardt

If illegal dumping has occurred in your area, contact the Leichhardt Customer Service Centre on 02 9392 5000 to report the incident.


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