Council clean-up


Council offers a comprehensive service for the clean-up and collection of bulky household items.

If your items  are too good for the tip, there are options to reuse and rehome. Call the Bower Collection and Rehoming Service on 9568 6280 or visit the website, donate to a charity or try an online swap or sell site.

Please select your suburb for information about your clean-up/bulky household services:

Inner West Council – Ashfield

Council offers two general clean up services each year and additionally up to 4 free booked clean up services per household per year.

General Council clean up (two per year)

Council holds two genera clean ups per year, usually in May and November.

Residents are notified via letterbox drop about clean up dates for their street.

Items suitable for collection must be placed on the nature strip outside your premises the Sunday before collection in your street begins.

Upcoming dates

The next general Council clean ups will start in May 2018, and cover the following areas on the dates listed below:

  • Zone 1 beginning 7 May
  • Zone 2 beginning 14 May
  • Zone 3 beginning 21 May
  • Zone 4 beginning 28 May
  • Zone 5 beginning 4 June

View the Ashfield Collection Zone Map (PDF 1005.5KB) to find out which zone your street is located in.

Important things to note

  • Please separate white goods, metals, garden waste and mattresses into different piles. These materials may be collected by different collection crews.
  • Please remove all doors and locks from refrigerators and other items that have compartments.
  • Don’t put out materials that are too dangerous or too large
  • Don’t put out commercial, industrial or building waste out for collection – these will not be collected
  • Don’t place materials so they block the footpath or hinder pedestrian access
  • Don’t place materials out late – they will not be collected.

Please carefully read the list of items we do and don’t collect (PDF 1.1MB)

Free booked collection (available 4 times a year)

Moving out or cleaning up? Each household is entitled to 4 free booked collections each year.

Some conditions apply.

To make a booking please call the Council Customer Service Centre on 9392 5000.

Important things to note

  • We collect different items in a booked clean up. See list of items below.
  • Only items that can be lifted by one person and that are less than 1 cubic metre in size (approximately 8 garbage bags) will be collected.
  • Don't forget to plan ahead and book at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Items are collected on Mondays.
  • The free booked clean up service does not operate during the May and November general Council Clean Ups

What we do collect

  • Garden waste, tied in bundles or bagged
  • Small household items
  • Small pieces of furniture
  • Items less than 1 metre in length

What we do NOT collect

  • White goodsBricks or building materials
  • Food waste
  • Long or bulky tree branches
  • Garden waste that has not been tied or bundled
  • Loose items that have not been bagged, boxed, bundled or tied

Inner West Council – Leichhardt

Council offers a comprehensive clean-up service, including two general clean-ups each year and a free booked collection service for metal and white goods.

General waste clean-up for damaged items – twice a year

Council holds general household clean-ups twice a year for disposal of damaged items only. No booking is required.

Dates for the Council clean-ups can vary for each collection zone. Visit the collection days webpage to see on which two days these occur for your zone. Council clean-up days are marked by a red circle on the calendar. All materials must be placed out at the kerb by 4.30pm Sunday evening on the date circled.

To arrange a special or extra collection for a fee, please phone the Leichhardt Customer Service Centre on 9392 5000. This is a quote-based service.

You can also visit Council's Weekend Transfer Station.

For items that are still in good condition, call The Bower’s Collection and Rehoming Service. You will be helping to stop your unwanted items from ending up as waste in landfill.

What we do collect

  • Damaged furniture (secure doors)
  • Damaged soft furnishings
  • Broken blinds, toys etc.
  • Broken flower pots

What we do NOT collect

  • White goods, car parts – Council provides a separate collection for white goods (no car parts)
  • TVs, computers and peripherals – visit the household chemical and e-waste drop off page
  • Paint, gas cylinders, batteries, fluorescent lamps/tubes, out of date gas bottles, paints, smoke alarms – visit the household chemical and e-waste drop off page
  • Mattresses – Drop off at the Weekend Transfer Station for recycling. Fees apply.
  • Building materials such as bricks, concrete, soil, sand, asbestos – See the Business Recycling website for drop off options
  • Hazardous chemicals – visit the household chemical and e-waste drop-off page

Please place items neatly on the kerb. Maximum 1 utility load (approximately 1.5m x 1.5m x 1m).

For further information about how to dispose of items not collected, see the A–Z: What goes where? guide.

Metal and white goods – booked collection

Council collects white goods for recycling free of charge through a booking service. Please try to book at least two weeks in advance.

To make a booking please phone the Leichhardt Customer Service Centre on 9392 5000.

Please place items neatly on the nature strip by 4.30pm the day before collection.

What we collect

  • Ovens and stove tops
  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Clothes dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Metal water heaters
  • Small metal appliances (non-repairable)
  • Guttering (cut into approx. 1 metre lengths)

Other options

Residents can also deliver white goods to Council’s Weekend Transfer Station at 54 Moore Street, Leichhardt. This facility is open on Saturday and Sunday. Visit the Weekend Transfer Station page for opening hours and fees and charges.

Inner West Council – Marrickville

The booked clean-up service is free and available for unwanted household items and furniture every week of the year. The service is divided into four categories to facilitate recycling. Make an online booking 24/7 here.

Most household items and furniture collected through the booked cleanup service end up in landfill. Your items can be donated or sold if they are in working conditions or repairable. See the see the A–Z: What goes where? guide for a range of options for a range of repurposing ideas for your unwanted goods.

Waste categories

Household items and furniture

Did you know that 82% of household items and furniture collected through the booked cleanup end up in landfill? Please see reducing and reusing for ideas on how to repurpose your materials

What we do collect

  • Furniture
  • Floor coverings
  • Small appliances*
  • Timber bed frames

* Avoid adding to landfill – consider holding onto your small appliances and electronic items and diverting them from landfill by dropping them off for recycling at the next household chemical and e-waste drop-off.

What we do NOT collect

  • Building materials (including concrete, bricks, sand, gyprock, etc.)
  • Tyres
  • Car parts
  • Paints, oils and toxic waste
  • Household garbage
  • Items that cannot be lifted by two persons

Metal and white goods

Metal goods booked through the free household clean-up service are recycled by our waste contractor Veolia. 100% of materials are recycled.

What we do collect

  • Stoves
  • Microwaves
  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Hot water systems
  • Guttering (maximum 1.8 metres long)
  • Single sheet galvanised iron (maximum 1.8 metres long)
  • Metal bed frames

What we do NOT collect

  • Car parts
  • Building materials such as soil, stone, concrete, bricks and timber
  • Gas cylinders
  • Recyclables
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Chemicals, including paint

Branches – bundled and tied

All of the tree branches collected are processed into mulch and compost.

What we do collect

  • Tree branches, bundled and tied
    Maximum 1m in length and 15cm in diameter

What we do NOT collect

  • Tree stumps
  • Dirt
  • Leaves in plastic bags
  • Rocks
  • Building rubble
  • Garden hose
  • Garbage
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Timber off cuts, untreated and painted


Inner West Council has partnered with mattress recyclers Landsaversto collect and recycle mattresses that are no longer used in the former Marrickville Council area. Landsavers clean and sanitise mattresses in good condition to be distributed to charity. Mattresses that cannot be used are dismantled and recycled in the Landsavers facility in Western Sydney.

What we do collect

  • Mattresses (all sizes)
  • Ensemble bases
  • Futons

What we do NOT collect

  • Sofa beds
  • Metal bed frames
  • Timber bed frames
  • Pillows
  • Air mattresses

Please note that mattresses are collected within 48 hours of booking on weekdays, excluding holidays. A maximum of 3 mattresses are allowed per booking.

How to make an online booking

  1. Select the type of waste
  2. Provide as much information as possible about the items under "description of waste"
  3. Choose the next available collection date
  4. Add location details (front, rear or side of property)
  5. You will be given guidelines on when and how to present your items for collection. Don't forget to mark the collection date on your calendar and take your items out the night before!

You can book a free collection for items that belong to the 4categories above. Make sure you select all waste categories that apply to your booking to help us recycle. For example, book a mattress pick up separately from a fridge collection under the metal/whitegoods category. Items in each of the four categories are collected by different trucks as they are taken to different processing facilities for recycling or landfill disposal. Booking your items under the wrong category will cause delays in your collection.

Please place the materials for collection neatly outside your property the night before the collection date ensuring no obstructions to pedestrians. There is a limit of no more than 2 cubic metres of waste (equivalent to a small trailer load) per collection of general clean-ups and metal goods. This means that timber fencing, etc. needs to be less than 2 metres in length.

Remember: Inner West Council has education programs and free clean-up services, so please do not dispose of your waste in public spaces. Illegal dumping can be a health and safety hazard for the community, blocking drains and causing pollution. Dumping is also unsightly, has a magnetic effect, blocks amenities, and has a negative impact on community pride.

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