The Food Fix


Are you fed up with throwing out good food? Let's fix it...

The Food Fix is a local network of residents and businesses who are taking action on food waste.

You can easily save food. Join The Food Fix and we’ll help you:

  • Be inspired to use up what you have in the fridge to make delicious, healthy meals
  • Take control of your fridge
  • See how local chefs save food and feel confident to apply this at home

Food waste facts:

  • Food in landfill creates harmful greenhouse gases
  • Wasting food also wastes the water, energy and resources used to grow, pack and get it to your plate

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Be part of The Food Fix network and start saving food while saving money on your grocery bills!

Why take action on food waste?

We’re wasting money buying food we don’t eat...

We all love food. But sometimes life gets in the way and food ends up in the bin... a lot of food, as it turns out!

The average NSW household throws over $1,000 worth of food in the bin each year. That's like throwing out 1 in every 5 bags of food you buy!

... and we’re wasting much more food than we realise

Food is actually the biggest single thing we throw away in the inner west, making up to 40% of our red garbage bins. Audits show that 65% of food waste is avoidable.

Globally, by weight, around a third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted.

Food waste harms our environment

Food scraps in your red garbage bin are sent to landfill. Once in landfill, food scraps undergo anaerobic decomposition (because of the lack of oxygen) and generate methane, a harmful and potent greenhouse gas.

Wasting food also wastes the water, fuel and resources it took to grow the food and get the food from the paddock to your plate.

Let’s fix it!

Want to go further?

We will run a Food Fix session for your community

The Food Fix will come to your group, club, café or local park and run a fun and interactive session on food waste. We will tailor the session to fit within your network meeting time and meet your members’ needs.

What to expect

Through hands on activities and practical demonstrations, your members will have fun exploring solutions that will cut their food waste at home, saving time and money.

Feedback from other Food Fix sessions:

  • "The event is inspiring and welcoming"
  • "I liked sharing positive stories"
  • "It was a relaxed format and everyone was keen to participate"

For more information, email or call (02) 9392 5341.

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