Proposed public space planning

King Street and Enmore Road

King Street and Enmore Road are fantastic places for social interaction, people watching, places to eat at, visit, play along and enjoy the sights and sounds of the inner west. They are streets that locals love, visitors travel to see and generally unique backdrop for people living their lives.

Council loves all the things that make these streets distinctive and aim to support its cultural diversity and business commerce. Later in 2018 Council plans to initiate a public domain master plan that dissects what the community love, hate and desire for the future of these streets. The ten year plan will outline items for investment and renewal including footpaths, seats, plazas, lanes, public art and other elements raised by the community.

Victoria Road Precinct

The Victoria Road precinct is currently undergoing significant change. In order to plan for the community now and into the future, Council will initiate a public domain master plan later in 2018. The master plan will review all the public spaces including streets, lanes, plazas and roadways to improve the pedestrian experience with potentially new street trees, seating opportunities, bins and rain gardens. Council will base all decisions on extensive community feedback which will be the first step of developing the ten year plan.


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