Community and Engagement - March 2018

Project status:

Green  Green: Planning, design and/or construction progressing as per schedule
Amber  Amber: Planning, design and/or construction delayed with respect to the original schedule
Red  Green: Planning, design and/or construction on hold or cancelled

Capital Program Community and Engagement
2017/18 Budget ($'000) Actual ($'000) % Spent Forecasted Year End Expenditure ($'000) Project Status Commentary 2018/19 ($'000) 2019/20 ($'000) 2020/21 ($'000)
Arts Projects - 11 20% 55 Green
Contract and approvals for final stage of Bay Run Commission by Jason Wing are awaiting sign off by RMS legal team and Ausgrid in consultation with Council legal. All items have been quoted and will come in on budget. Council has released an expression of interest for an artist residency at the Yanada Room Lunar development, Lewisham.
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Total Community Services - 11 20% 55

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