Planned road works

The   Inner West Council is committed to delivering quality and cost effective infrastructure and facilities for the community.

We aim to maintain an active transport network which includes roads, traffic, transport and storm water infrastructure.

Roadworks around the Inner west may occur for various reasons including major events, road repairs, upgrading and maintenance.

If there are any projects that are not mentioned below or if you would like to know more about them, you can contact our Footpath, Roads, Traffic and Stormwater Team on 02 9392 5000.


Public engagements:

Proposed designs are listed below:

 Suburb Location From To Design Documentation
 Balmain Mullens Street Beattie street Montague Street Traffic Calming and pedestrian safety Up and Coming.
 Balmain Sorrie Street Booth Street At Balmain Hospital  Traffic Calming

Sorrie Street consultation letter (PDF 185KB)

Sorrie Street Plan (PDF 391.8KB)

 Birchgrove Cameron Street  NA NA Improving Stormwater Drainage

Cameron Street Consultation Letter (PDF 75.5KB)

Cameron Street Plan  (PDF 274.2KB)

Works commencing:

Suburb Location From To Anticipated Completion Type of Work Download
 Ashfield John Street Alt Street Frederick Street December 2019 Road Resurfacing John Street additional information (PDF 338.2KB)
 Ashfield Norton Street Prospect Street Victoria Street December 2019 Road Resurfacing Norton Street additional information (PDF 319.2KB)
 Leichhardt James Street William Street Darley Road December 2019 Road Resurfacing James Street additional information (PDF 338.2KB)
 Lilyfield  Balmain Road Cecily Street The Boulevarde December 2019 Footpath Reconstruction Balmain Road additional information (PDF 451.8KB)
 Lilyfield Edna Street Piper Street Ilka Street December 2019 Road Resurfacing Edna Street additional information (PDF 620.8KB)
 Marrickville Shepherd Street Addison Road Chapel Street December 2019 Footpath Reconstruction Shepherd Street additional information (PDF 450.4KB)

Works in progress:

Suburb Location From To Anticipated Completion Type of Work Download
 Balmain  Curtis Road  at Mort Street Intersection    Dec 2019  Kerb Blisters and Speed Cushions  Notification Letter Curtis and Mort Street Balmain - Proposed kerb blisters and speed cushions. (PDF 521.4KB)
 Balmain  Darling Street  at Elliott Street    Dec 2019  Speed Cushions  Notification Letter Darling Street at Elliot Street Balmain  additional information (PDF 525.1KB)
 Croydon Croydon Road  Church Street NA  Nov 2019  Traffic Facilities Upgrade  Croydon Road additional information (PDF 656.8KB)
 Lilyfield  Balmain Road Cecily Street The Boulevarde Nov 2019 Footpath Renewal Balmain Road additional information (PDF 582.6KB)
 Marrickville Lawson Ave  NA NA  Nov 19  Road Reconstruction  Lawson Avenue Road Reconstruction (PDF 628.6KB)
 Stanmore Salisbury Road Northumberland Road Stafford Lane Dec 2019  Road Improvement Works Salisbury Road additional information (PDF 570.1KB)
 St Peters St Peters Street Campbell Street to end Dec 2019 Footpath Reconstruction St Peters Street additional information (PDF 452KB)

Works recently completed:

Suburb Location From To Type of Work Download
 Annandale Nelson Lane Rose Street Booth Lane  Road Resurfacing Nelson Lane additional information (PDF 418.7KB)
 Annandale Reserve Street outside 49 and 18 Stormwater Renewal and Relining work  Reserve Street additional information (PDF544.4KB)
 Annandale Wigram Road Outside Booth Street 148 Wigram Road   Relining Pipeline  Wigram Road additional information (PDF 333.6KB)
 Ashfield Brunswick Parade and Arthur Street  Brunswick Parade Arthur Street  Stormwater Renewal  Brunswick and Arthur Street additional information (PDF536.9KB)
 Ashfield Goodwin Avenue and Hardy Avenue Goodwin Avenue Hardy Avenue Stormwater Renewal  Goodwin Avenue and Hardy Street additional information (PDF537.2KB)
 Ashfield Victoria Street Norton Street  Robert Street Local Road Resurfacing  Victoria Street additional information (PDF418.5KB)
 Ashfield  137 Victoria Street  NA  NA  Bus Stop Platform and Kerb Extension Pedestrian Crossover   Victoria Street additional information (PDF 499.7KB)
 Ashfield  Wood Street  Station Street NA  Kerb and Gutter, Footpath Raingarden and Asphalt Resheet   Wood Street additional information (PDF 471.5KB)
 Balmain  Booth Street  Sorrie Street    Footpath Reconstruction  Booth Street and Sorrie Street additional information (PDF 498.5KB)
 Balmain Clay Street  Reynolds Street    Road, footpath, stormwater and traffic facilities improvement  Clay Street additional information (PDF796.7KB)
 Balmain Grafton Street Adolphus Street Dead End Road Resurfacing  Grafton Street additional information (PDF 418.4KB)
 Balmain  Little Montague Street  Llewellyn Street  Theodore Street  Road Resurfacing  Little Montague Street additional information (PDF 544.2KB)
 Balmain Mullens Street Beattie Street Stewart Street  Pedestrian crossing and associated works  Mullens Street additional information (PDF 553.9KB)
 Balmain North Street and Macquarie Terrace  NA NA  Drainage Upgrade  North Street and Macquarie Terrace additional information (PDF1.8MB)
 Balmain East Johnston Street William Street End  Road, footpath, stormwater and traffic facilities improvement  Johnston Street additional information (PDF765.7KB)
 Camperdown Hopetoun Street Salisbury Road Federation Road  Footpath Reconstruction   Hopetoun Street additional information (PDF 478.5KB)
 Camperdown Hopetoun Street Salisbury Road Federation Road Road Resurfacing Hopetoun Street additional information (PDF 453.2KB)
 Camperdown  Pidcock Street  Mallet Street   To end  Footpath Reconstruction  Pidcock Street additional information (PDF480.3KB)
 Croydon Heighway Avenue Edwin Street Walter Street Road Resurfacing  Heighway Avenue additional information (PDF 453.6KB)
 Croydon Walter Street Thomas Street Heighway Avenue Road Resurfacing Walter Street additional information (PDF 405.2KB)
 Dulwich Hill Beach Road   19 Beach Road 16 Lotus Street  Stormwater Renewal - Relining Works   Beach Road additional information (PDF545KB)
 Dulwich Hill Channel Street Windsor Road Weston Street Stormwater Renewal   Channel Street Additional Information (PDF 332.8KB)
 Dulwich Hill Constitution Road Denison Road Williams Parade Construction of raised traffic island and median   Constitution Road Additional Information (PDF 662KB)
 Dulwich Hill Eltham Street Fred Street Victoria Street  Footpath Reconstruction  Eltham Street additional information (PDF 479KB)
 Dulwich Hill Keith Lane Wardell Lane Keith Street Road Resurfacing Keith Lane additional information (PDF 453.7KB)
 Dulwich Hill Little Street  NA NA Footpath Renewal Program   Camden Street Additional information(PDF497.3KB)
Dulwich Hill Marrickville Road Wardell Road  New Canterbury Road Regional Road Resurfacing  Marrickville Road additional information (PDF134.2KB)
 Dulwich Hill Nelson Street  Victoria Street Dead End Road Renewal Program  Nelson Street additional information (PDF 544.3KB)
 Dulwich Hill 
 Terrace Lane  No 8. Terrace Road    Road Resurfacing  Terrace Lane additional information (PDF 458.9KB)
 Dulwich Hill The Boulevard New Canterbury Road The Boulevard  Pipe Relining   The Boulevard additional information (PDF 335KB)
Dulwich Hill  Wardell Lane Keith Street Bedford Street Road Resurfacing Wardell Lane additional information (PDF 453.8KB)
 Dulwich Hill Western Street  Channel Street  Weston Street Footpath Reconstruction  Weston Street additional information (PDF496.9KB)
 Enmore Sarah Street  Outside TAFE NSW Design Centre  NA Stormwater Pit Reconstruction  Sarah Street additional information (PDF724.2KB)
 Enmore  Sarah Street  Outside TAFE NSW  NA  Stormwater Renewal   Sarah Street additional information (PDF537.2KB)
  Haberfield  Ramsay Street  Dalhousie Street  Wattle Street  Regional Road Resurfacing  Ramsay Street Additional Information (PDF 170.1KB)
 Leichhardt Emma Street   Intersection Hill Street  NA Kerb extensions and Landscaping Emma Street additional information (PDF493.6KB)
 Leichhardt George Street Treadgold Street South Parramatta Road  Street Improvements  George Street additional information (PDF 1.7MB)
 Leichhardt  Marlborough Road  Norton Street NA  Stormwater program works  Marlborough road additional information (PDF359KB)
  Leichhardt William Street and Hubert Street   2 Hubert Street  NA  Reconstructing kerb and garden bed  William Street and Hubert Street additional information (PDF796.5KB)
 Lewisham Hunter Street  NA NA Reconstruction of Stormwater Pipeline  Hunter Street additional information (PDF722.8KB)
 Lewisham Jubilee Street  Victoria Street  End  Reconstruction of the existing concrete footpath reconstruction. Construction of accessible ramps at lane crossings.  Jubilee Street additional information (PDF478.3KB)
 Lewisham Summer Hill Street   at Victoria Road NA Kerb  extension  and Footpath Reconstruction  Summer Hill Street additional information (PDF627.5KB)
 Lilyfield Grove Street  Joseph Street  O'Niel Street

Reconstruction of the existing concrete footpath

 Grove Street additional information (DOCX658.2KB)
 Marrickville Charles Street  Illawarra Road Amy Street Footpath Reconstruction  Charles Street Notification letter (PDF478.5KB)
 Marrickville Illawarra Road  Council Street  Sydenham Road  Footpath Renewal Program  Illawarra Road additional information (PDF484.7KB)
 Marrickville Llewellyn Street   Enmore Road   Scouller Lane  Stormwater Relining Works  Enmore Road and Llewellyn Street additional information (PDF186.8KB)
 Marrickville Victoria Road  Chapel Street Intersection  New Traffic Signal Installation  Victoria Road/Chapel Street additional information (PDF345KB)
 Marrickville Woodlands Street  Illawarra Road  To End  Footpath Renewal Program  Woodland Street additional information (PDF480KB)
 Newtown Camden Street King Street Ferndale Street Footpath Reconstruction  
 Newtown Lennox Street Car park NA NA  Upgrade of existing car park  Lennox Street Summary Plans (PDF3.1MB)
 Newtown Margaret Lane  Ferndale Street End Local Road Resurfacing  Margaret Lane additional information (PDF 544.8KB)
 Newtown Pemell Street   Outside 11-22  NA  Stormwater Renewal   Pemell Street additional information (PDF537.2KB)
 Newtown Sloane Street  Outside 1-5 NA Stormwater Renewal   Sloane Street additional information (PDF523.8KB)
 Newtown Wilford Street Station Street Thurnby Lane  Footpath Reconstruction  Wilford Street additional information (PDF 478.9KB)
 Petersham  Merton Street  At Trafalgar Street NA  Traffic Calming Works  Merton Street additional information (PDF488.7KB)
 Petersham  Newington Road  College Lane Albert Street  Footpath Reconstruction  Newington Road additional information (PDF 479.2KB)
 Rozelle  Batty Street

Starling Street and Smith street at Mansfield

 NA NA  Landscape Kerb Blisters Batty, Starling  and Smith Street Additional information  (PDF563.3KB)
 Rozelle  Darling Street  Red Lion Street Denison Street  Improving Footpath and Pedestrian Safety  Darling Street additional information (PDF 1.7MB)
 Rozelle Darling Street  736 Darling Street  762 Darling Street  Improving footpath and pedestrian safety  Darling Street additional information (PDF1.7MB)
 Rozelle Hutcheson Street Alfred Street To End  Footpath Reconstruction  Hutcheson Street additional information (PDF479.9KB)
 Rozelle McCleer Street Moodie Street Springside Street Road Resurfacing McCleer Street additional information (PDF 454KB)
 Rozelle Memory Lane Thornton Street Schultz Street  Road Resurfacing   Memory Lane additional information (PDF 454.1KB)
 Rozelle  Manning Street and Park Street  at Darling Street  NA  Road, Footpath and Traffic Facilities Manning Street and Park Street additional information (PDF514.9KB)
 Rozelle York Place Wise Street Dead - End Local Road Resurfacing  York Place additional information (PDF 460.6KB)
 Summer Hill Henson Street  Old Canterbury Road  Smith Street  Road Resurfacing   Henson Street additional information (PDF 440.7KB)
 Stanmore Albany Street   Outside 116  NA   Reconstruction of Stormwater Pipeline   Albany Street additional information (PDF722.5KB) 
 Stanmore Bridge Road  NA NA Reline Pipeline Part of Stormwater Renewal Program.
 Stanmore Bridge Road  Outside 31-41 Bridge Road NA  Reconstructing Stormwater pipeline   Bridge Road additional information (PDF724.5KB)
 Stanmore Percival Lane Temple Street  Douglas Lane  Resurfacing Car Parks in Percival Lane West  Percival Lane additional information (PDF 715.3KB)
 Stanmore  Temple Street Car park  Temple Street  Douglas Lane Resurfacing Car Parks in Percival Lane West  Temple Street Car park Additional information (PDF715.3KB)
 Tempe Brooklyn Street  Princes Highway  to End  Footpath Reconstruction  Brooklyn Street additional
 Tempe Milne Lane Samuel Street Lymerston Street Road Resurfacing   Milne Lane additional information (PDF 452.9KB)

Completed Public Engagements - 19-20:

Proposed designs are listed below: under construction 

Suburb Location From To Type of Work Download
 Annandale Albion Street Annandale  Street Johnston Street Kerb and Gutter Improvements  Albion Street Consultation  (PDF 141.9KB)

Albion Street Design (PDF 294.8KB)

 Annandale  Pritchard Street      Retaining Wall Rehabilitation Works  Pritchard Street Consultation (PDF 334.8KB)

Pritchard Street Plan  (PDF 511.2KB)

Ashbury   Queen Street Hanks Street Griffiths Street  Pedestrian Safety and Roundabout improvements  Queen and Griffiths Traffic calming improvements_10102 (PDF 261.3KB)

Queen and Hanks Traffic calming improvements_10082 (PDF 568.5KB)

Queen, Griffiths and Hanks Street Consultation (PDF 250.3KB)

 Ashfield Fox Lane      Road and Street Scape Improvements   Fox Lane consultation  (PDF 196KB)

Fox Lane Plan (PDF 7.9MB)

Haberfield Crescent Street Boomerang Street   Traffic Calming Improvements  Crescent Street and Boomerang Street Consultation (PDF 201.8KB)

Crescent Street and Boomerang Street Plan (PDF 369.7KB)

 Haberfield St Davids Road Ramsay Street    Traffic Calming Improvements  St Davids Road and Ramsay Street Consultation (PDF39.6KB)

St Davids Road and Ramsay Street Design (PDF 484KB)

Petersham Andreas Street NA NA Stormwater Drainage Improvements  Andreas Street Design (PDF 133.7KB)

Andreas Street Consultation (PDF 113.9KB)

 Leichhardt Allan Street Elswick Street   Traffic Calming Improvements   Allan Street Elswick Street Consultation  (PDF 38.9KB)
St Peters Robert Street NA NA Stormwater Improvements  Robert Street Consultation (PDF 140.3KB)

Robert Street Design (PDF 231.7KB)

 Summer Hill Drynan Street      Road & Streetscape Improvement Works Drynan Street Consultation Letter (PDF 198.8KB)

Drynan Street  Plan  (PDF 965.1KB)

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