Planned road works

Inner West Council is committed to delivering quality and cost effective infrastructure and facilities for the community.

We aim to maintain an active transport network which includes roads, traffic, transport and storm water infrastructure.

Roadworks around the Inner west may occur for various reasons including major events, road repairs, upgrading and maintenance.

If there are any projects that are not mentioned below or if you would like to know more about them, you can contact our Footpath, Roads, Traffic and Stormwater Team on 02 9392 5000.

Public engagements:

There are NO current pubic engagement for design work.

Suburb Location From To Design Documentation

Works commencing:

Suburb Location From To Anticipated completion Type of Work Download
 Marrickville Roseby Street Outside 1 Roseby Street NA December 2020 Stormwater Renewal Roseby Street additional information (PDF 818.4KB)
 Petersham Balanaming  Lane  New Canterbury Road  Sadlier Crescent   Feb 2021  Road surface Renewal  Balanaming Lane additional information (PDF 204.3KB)

Works in progress:

Suburb Location From To Anticipated completion Type of Work Download
 Annandale  Nelson Street  N/A N/A  Dec 2020 Stormwater Renewal Nelson Street additional information (PDF 821KB)
Birchgrove  Water Street River Street  Birchgrove Road  Dec 2020   Stormwater Renewal Water Street additional information (PDF 820KB)
 Leichhardt Upward Street  Lord Street Parramatta Road  

December 2020

The works are expected to take six weeks to complete, weather permitting.

  Upward Street additional information (PDF 207.1KB)

UPwards street additional 2 (PDF 3.7MB)

UPward street addtional plan (PDF 222.1KB)

 Petersham  Andreas Street Parramatta Road Palace Street  Jan 2021  Footpath Renewal   Andreas Street additional information (PDF 196.3KB)
 Marrickville  Glenn Street Hill Street Harnett Street Jan 2021  Footpath Renewal  Glen Street additional information (PDF 197.6KB)
 Stanmore  Enmore Road Enmore Road  Albert Street Jan 2021  Footpath Renewal  Enmore Road additional information  (PDF 207.4KB)

Works recently completed:

Suburb Location To Download
 Annandale Pritchard Street 20-34 Pritchard Street  Pritchard Street additional information (PDF 1.5MB)
 Annandale Trafalgar Lane  Nelson Lane Trafalgar Lane additional information (PDF 819.7KB)
 Annandale Young Street Reserve Street  Young Street additional information (PDF 336.3KB)
 Annandale  Young Street Piper Street Young Street additional information (PDF 336.3KB)
 Ashbury Holden Street Night Works  Night works notification for the Wednesday  2nd of December 2020 (PDF 206.7KB)
 Ashbury Holden Street  Princess Street Holden Street additional information (PDF 196.8KB)
 Ashfield Church Street  Knocklayde Street Church Street additional information (PDF 207KB)
 Ashfield Service Avenue  Hank Street  Service Avenue additional information (PDF 207.4KB)
 Ashfield Thomas Street Liverpool Road  Thomas Street additional Information (PDF 516.1KB)
 Ashfield Park Avenue Holden Street  Park Avenue additional information (PDF 494KB)
 Balmain  Beattie Street  Montague Street Beattie Street additional information (PDF 390.2KB)
 Balmain Beattie Street Mullens Street  Beattie Street additional information (PDF 421KB)
 Balmain Beattie Street Palmer Street  Beattie Street additional information (PDF 472.4KB)
 Balmain  Beattie Street And Beattie Street Beattie Street additional information (PDF 717.1KB)
Balmain Curtis Road  NA  Notification Letter Curtis and Mort Street Balmain - Proposed kerb blisters and speed cushions. (PDF 521.4KB)
 Balmain  Darling Street  NA  Notification Letter Darling Street at Elliot Street Balmain  additional information (PDF 525.1KB)
 Balmain Evans Street  Roseberry Street  Evans Street additional information (PDF 400.7KB)
 Balmain  Little Montague Street  Theodore Street  Little Montague Street additional information (PDF 544.2KB)
 Balmain Mullens Street Stewart Street  Mullens Street additional information (PDF 553.9KB)
 Balmain  Nicholson Street Darling Street Nicholson Street additional information (PDF 390.5KB)
 Balmain North Street  Darling Street North Street additional information (PDF 315.8KB)
 Balmain  Pearson Street  Johnston Street  Pearson Street additional information (PDF 390.2KB)
 Birchgrove Rosieville Lane  Elliott Street  Rosieville Lane additional information (PDF 194.2KB)
 Birchgrove  Rose Street  Louisa Road  Rose Street additional information (PDF 818.4KB)
 Birchgrove Rose Street  Louisa Road Rose Street additional information (PDF 817.9KB)
 Birchgrove  Water Street Birchgrove Road Water Street additional information (PDF 818.2KB)
 Croydon Anthony Street Etonville Parade  Anthony Street Croydon (PDF 207.5KB)
 Croydon Croydon Road at Elizabeth Street  Design Consultation for Traffic Facility Improvement works 

Consultation Letter (PDF 194.5KB)

Consultation Plan (PDF 331.7KB)

 Dulwich Hill Hercules Street Consett Street Hercules Street additional information (PDF 623.7KB)
 Dulwich Hill Kays Avenue Dead End  Kays Avenue additional information (PDF 336.4KB)
 Dulwich Hill Macarthur Parade  Beach Road Macarthur Parade additional information (PDF 208KB)
 Dulwich Hill Nelson Street Dead End  Nelson Street additional information (PDF 544.3KB)
 Enmore Cross Lane Edgeware Road Cross Lane additional information (PDF 438.4KB)
 Enmore  Cambridge Street Cavendish Lane Cambridge Street and Cavendish Lane additional information (PDF 207.9KB)
 Enmore Edgeware Lane, Marian Lane and Cross Lane NA   Edgeware Lane, Marian Lane and Cross Lane additional information (PDF 388.1KB)
 Enmore  Edgeware Road  Alice Street Edgeware Road additional information (PDF 320.5KB)
 Enmore Fotheringham Street  Stanmore Road Fotheringham Street additional information (PDF 331.5KB)
 Enmore London Street  Enmore Road  London Street additional information  (PDF 197.9KB)
 Haberfield Boomerang Street  The Crescent Boomerang Street additional information (PDF 411KB)
 Hurlstone Park  Watkin Street Canterbury Road Watkin Street additional information (PDF 208KB)
 Leichhardt Elswick Street  Whiting Street  Elswick Street additional information (PDF 195.3KB)
 Leichhardt  Hubert Street Darley Road Hubert Street additional information (PDF 820.6KB)
 Leichhardt Stanley Street  Mackenzie Street Stanley Street additional information (PDF 813.9KB)
 Lewisham Fred Street  Summer Hill Street  Fred Street additional information (PDF 446.9KB)
 Lewisham Gould Avenue and Vernon Street  Gould Avenue to Wardell Road  Gould Avenue and Vernon Street additional information (PDF 336.6KB)
 Lewisham  The Boulevarde Hunter Street  The Boulevarde additional information (PDF 207.5KB)
 Lilyfield Grove Street  O'Niel Street  Grove Street additional information (DOCX658.2KB)
 Marrickville Livingstone Road Enfield Street Not available
 Marrickville Lilydale Street Stanley Street  Lilydale Street additional information (PDF 319.2KB)
 Marrickville Marrickville Road  Livingstone Road Marrickville Road additional information (PDF 209.6KB)
 Marrickville Murry Lane Bayley Street  Murray Lane additional information (PDF 319.5KB)
 Marrickville Queen Street  Victoria Road  Queen Street additional information (PDF 208.3KB)
 Marrickville Thompson Street  Illawarra Road Thompson Street additional information (PDF 349.8KB)
 Newtown  Alice Lane Link Lane  Alice Lane additional information (PDF 403.7KB)
 Newtown Camden Street Ferndale Street  
 Newtown  Station Street Enmore Road Station Street additional information (PDF 207.9KB)
 Petersham Station Street Sea lStreet  Station Street additional information (PDF 321.2KB)
 Rozelle  Hanover Street, Collins Street Murdoch Street  Hanover, Collins and Murdoch Street additional information (PDF 199KB)
 Summer Hill Drynan Street  Prospect Road Drynan Street additional information (PDF 387.9KB)
 Summer Hill  Edward Street and Smith Street  Old Canterbury Road Edward Street and Smith Street additional information (PDF 208KB)
 Stanmore Bridge Road NA Part of Stormwater Renewal Program.
 Stanmore   Ravenue Lane  Durham Street  Ravenue Lane additional information (PDF 207.4KB)
 Stanmore  Lincoln Land and Lincoln Street  Salisbury Road  Lincoln Lane and Lincoln Street additional information (PDF 207.3KB)
  Stanmore  Percival lane Myrtle Street  Percival Lane additional information  (PDF 207.4KB)
  Stanmore   Surrey Street  Railway Avenue  Surrey Street additional information (PDF 207.3KB)
  Stanmore  Westbourne Street Crystal Street  Westbourne Street additional information (PDF 206.7KB)
 Stanmore  Stafford Road  Salisbury Road  Stafford Street additional information (PDF 207.5KB)
 Stanmore  Macauley Road  Northumberland & Cannon  Macaulay Road additional information (PDF 174.1KB)
 Tempe   Edgar Street  Unwins Bridge Road  Edgar Street additional information (PDF 207.4KB)
 Tempe  John Street  Lymerston Street Hudson Street  John Street additional information (PDF 207.6KB)
 Tempe  Union Street  Princes Highway Union Street additional information (PDF 207.7KB)

Completed Public Engagements - 19-20:

Proposed designs are listed below: under construction

Suburb Location From To Type of work Download
Annandale Albion Street Annandale Street Johnston Street Kerb and Gutter Improvements Albion Street Consultation  (PDF 141.9KB)

Albion Street Design (PDF 294.8KB)

 Annandale  Booth Street 135 Booth Street NA Speed cushion upgrades  

Consultation Letter (PDF 195.9KB)

Consultation Plan (PDF 273.7KB)

 Annandale McCarthy Lane      Drainage Upgrade

Consultation Letter (PDF 74.5KB)

Consultation Plan (PDF 186KB)

Annandale Pritchard Street     Retaining Wall Rehabilitation Works Pritchard Street Consultation (PDF 334.8KB)

Pritchard Street Plan  (PDF 511.2KB)

Ashfield Fox Lane     Road and Street Scape Improvements  Fox Lane consultation  (PDF 196KB)

Fox Lane Plan (PDF 7.9MB)

 Balmain Donnelly Street na na Footpath upgrades  

 Consultation Letter (PDF 250.6KB)

Consultation Plan (PDF 561.9KB)

Birchgrove Camron Street     Improving Stormwater Drainage  Cameron Street Consultation Letter (PDF 75.5KB)

Cameron Street Plan  (PDF 274.2KB)

 Camperdown  Bishopgate Street St Marys Street Australia Street Footpath Improvements  

 Consultation Letter (PDF 253.8KB)

Consultation Plan (PDF 4.3MB)

 Camperdown  Probert Street St Marys Street Bishopgate Street Footpath Improvements  

 Consultation Letter (PDF 238.2KB)

Consultation Plan (PDF 3.2MB)

 Dulwich Hill Kintore Street near Blackwood Avenue NA Improving Pedestrian Safety  

 Consultation Letter (PDF 235KB)

Consultation Plan (PDF 465.9KB)

 Marrickville Pile Street at Wardell Road NA Improving Pedestrian Safety  

Consultation Letter (PDF 194.4KB)

Consultation Plan (PDF 698KB)

 Newtown Goddard Street  at King Street    Traffic calming

Consultation Letter (PDF 228.4KB)

Plan (PDF 1.1MB)

 Rozelle Collin Street  Hanover Street Murdoch Street  Drainage and road works

Consultation Letter (PDF 148.5KB)

Plan (PDF 191.3KB)

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