Road works

Inner West Council is committed to delivering quality and cost effective infrastructure and facilities for the community.

We aim to maintain an active transport network which includes roads, traffic, transport and storm water infrastructure.

Roadworks around the Inner west may occur for various reasons including major events, road repairs, upgrading and maintenance.

If there are any projects that are not mentioned below or if you would like to know more about them, you can contact our Footpath, Roads, Traffic and Stormwater Team on 02 9392 5000.

Find details about other traffic projects in your area and larger scale engagements on Your Say Inner West 

Current engagements

Suburb Location Type of works  Further information

No current engagements


Works commencing

Suburb Location From To Anticipated work period. Type of Work Further information
 Dulwich Hill Kintore Street Blackwood Street     June 2021  Raised Pedestrian Crossing  Kintore Street additional information (PDF 162.4KB)
 Haberfield Tillock Street   Waratah street  Dobroyd Parade  June 2021  Footpath Renewal Program  Tillock Street additional information  (PDF 195.3KB)


Petersham  Longport Street Lewisham to Crystal Street, Petersham  June 2021-June 2022

Construction of RR7 Bicycle Route

Notification Letter Construction of RR7 Bicycle Route  (PDF 165.8KB)

Works in progress


Suburb Location From To Anticipated work period Type of Work Further information
 Annandale Nelson Street and McCarthy Lane NA NA June 2021  Upgrade of Stormwater Renewal  Nelson Street and McCarthy Lane notification letter (PDF 166KB)
 Haberfield Dalhousie Street Ramsay Street Waratah Street June 2021 Upgrades to Dalhousie Street Dalhousie Street notification letter (PDF 165.4KB)
 Marrickville Wardell Road  Pine Street  Intersection  June 2021   Modification/reconstruction of existing pedestrian refuge islands  Wardell Road additional information (PDF 162.9KB)
 Dulwich Hill  Seaview Street Car Park  Car Park Renewal  June - July 21    

Works recently completed

Suburb Location Date Further information
Annandale Albion Lane February 2021 Albion Lane additional information  (PDF 202.9KB)
Annandale  Hutchinson Lane Feburary 2021 Hutchinson Lane additional information (PDF 202.8KB)
 Annandale  Piper street May June 2021  Piper Street additional information (PDF 196.3KB)
 Annandale Reserve Street June  2021  Reserve Street additional information (PDF 196.9KB)
Annandale Trafalgar Street March 2021 Trafalgar Street  notification letter. (PDF 836.4KB)
Ashfield John Street March 2021 John Street notification letter (PDF 194.8KB)
 Balmain Mort Street May 2021 Mort Street notification letter (PDF 195.6KB)

Croydon Road between John Street and Ranger Road

Croydon Road and Elizabeth Street intersection

Croydon Road and Dalmar Street intersection

April - May 2021 Croydon Road notification Letter (PDF 196.7KB)
 Croydon Edwin Street June 2021  Edwin Street additional information (PDF 196.1KB)
 Croydon  Lang Street  May 2021
 Croydon Henry street May 2021  
 Dulwich Hill  

Ross Street(Both Sides)

 May 2021  Ross Street additional information (PDF 835KB)
Dulwich Hill Windsor Rd and Fairmount St March 2021  Windsor Road and Fairmount Street additional information (PDF 822.4KB)
Dulwich Hill Cobar Street and Jesmond Avenue  April 2021  Cobar Street and Jesmond avenue notification letter (PDF 196.8KB)
 Dulwich Hill Hill Street February 2021 Hill Street additional information  (PDF 818.4KB)
 Dulwich Hill Manchester Street March 2021 Manchester Street notification letter (PDF 196.8KB)
  Haberfield  Dalhousie Street & Ramsey Street June 2021

 Night Works 

Night works Dalhousie notification letter  (PDF 188.3KB)

Haberfield Dudley St and Kingston St March 2021  Dudley and Kingston Streets additional information (PDF 819.7KB)
Haberfield  Ramsey Street near O'Connor Street May 2021  Ramsay Street notification letter (PDF 166.1KB)
 Haberfield Tillock Street  June 2021   Tillock Street additional information  (PDF 195.3KB)
Haberfield   Tressider Avenue March 2021  Tressider Avenue additional information (PDF 820.7KB)
Leichhardt Allen Street  May-June 2021    Allen Street additional information (PDF 195.4KB)
 Leichhardt  Cary Street  April-May 21   Cary Street and Day Street additional information. (PDF 194.5KB)
 Leichhardt Catherine Street  June 21 Catherine Street additional information  (PDF 165.3KB)
Leichhardt  Francis Street  April - May 2021   Francis Street additional information (PDF 835.8KB)
Leichhardt Fraser Street April - May 2021  Frazer Street notification letter (PDF 196.5KB)
Leichhardt Lords Road February 2021  Lords Road notification letter (PDF 278.7KB)
Leichhardt Hubert Street May 2021   Hubert street additional information (PDF 196KB)
Leichhardt South Ave April-May  2021 South Ave additional information  (PDF 195.1KB)
Leichhardt  The Avenue May 2021   The Avenue additional information  (PDF 195.1KB)
Leichhardt William Street  May 2021  William Street additional information (PDF 195.9KB)
 Lewisham Cook Street April-May 2021   Cook Street additional  information (PDF 196.8KB)
 Lilyfield Catherine street April-May  2021  Catherine Street additional information (PDF 195.6KB)
 Marrickville  Livingstone Road (St Brigid's Church side only) April - May 2021    Livingstone Road additional information (PDF 836.2KB)
Marrickville Depot Lane February 2021  Depot Lane notification letter (PDF 203.9KB)
 Marrickville Frazer Street February 2021  Frazer Street additional information (PDF 205.6KB)
 Marrickville Glenn Street January 2021   Glen Street additional information (PDF 197.6KB)
 Marrickville Illawarra Road February 2021  Illawarra Road additional information  (PDF 818KB)
 Marrickville Livingstone Road February 2021  Livingstone Road _ Bike Route LR03  additional information (PDF 826.2KB)
 Marrickville Leicester Street March 2021  Leicester Street additional information (PDF 197.5KB)
 Marrickville Shepherd Street February 2021  Shepherd Street additional information (PDF 207.8KB)
 Marrickville Wardell Road February 2021 Wardell Road additional information (PDF 196.5KB)
 Newtown Bishop Gate and Probert Street May 2021  Probert Street additional information (PDF 198.7KB)
 Newtown  Camden Street February 2021  Camden Street additional information (PDF 204.5KB)
 Newtown Lennox Street March 2021 Lennox Street notification letter (PDF 195.2KB)
 Newtown  Pemell Street March 2021  Pemell Street additional information (PDF 818.8KB)
 Petersham Andreas Street January 2021  Andreas Street additional information (PDF 196.3KB)
 Petersham Balnaming Lane February 2021  Balanaming Lane notification letter (PDF 206.9KB)
 Petersham Fort Street February 2021  Fort Street additional information  (PDF 204.1KB)
 Rozelle Elizabeth Street  May 2021   Elizabeth Street additional information  (PDF 835.6KB)
 Rozelle Evans Street May 2021   Evans Street additional information - Night works  (PDF 188.8KB)
 Rozelle Prosper Lane February 2021  Prosper Lane additional information (PDF 208KB)
 Rozelle Bruce Street February 2021  Bruce Street additional information (PDF 207.9KB)
  Rozelle   Graham Street  May 2021  Graham Street additional information (PDF 835.7KB)
   Rozelle  Quirk Street  May 2021  Quirk Street additional information (PDF 836.3KB)
Summer Hill Smith Street February 2021  Smith Street notification letter (PDF 203.4KB)
 Stanmore  Albert Street February 2021 Albert Street additional information (PDF 207KB)
 Stanmore Bridge Road    Bridge Road additional information (PDF 817.2KB)
 Stanmore Cambridge Street February 2021 Cambridge Street additional information (PDF 196.1KB)
 Stanmore Douglas St and Gordan Crs March 2021   Douglas St and Gordon Crescent additional information (PDF 821.1KB)
 Stanmore  Margaret St and Charles St  February 2021   Margaret Street additional information (PDF 207.5KB)
 Stanmore  Railway Avenue March 2021 Railway Avenue notification letter (PDF 841.5KB)
Stanmore Stafford Street February 2021   Stafford Street additional information (PDF 207.3KB)
 St Peters Frederick Street February 2021  Frederick Street additional information (PDF 200.1KB)
 St Peters Silver Street January 2021 Silver Street additional information (PDF 196.5KB)
 Sydenham Sydenham Lane February 2021  Sydenham Lane additional information (PDF 203.4KB)
 Tempe Tempe Recreation Reserve  June 2021

 Tempe Reserve notification (PDF 316KB)

Drainage works and road closure - Night 

Completed community engagements - 2021

Visit the Your Say Inner West website for details on all completed Community engagements 

Suburb Location Design Further information
 Leichhardt Hill & Mackenzie Street Drainage Improvements  

Engagement letter (PDF 200.5KB)

Engagement plan (PDF 181.7KB)

Annandale  Albion Street Stormwater Drainage Improvements

Engagement letter (PDF 240KB)

Engagement plan (PDF 469.2KB)

 Annandale  Rose Street Retaining Wall   Consultation Letter Rose Street Annandale (DOCX 779.5KB)

Consultation Plan Rose Street Annandale (PDF 564.9KB)

 Ashfield  Arthur Street   Proposed New Speed Cushion and Kerb Blister  

Consultation Letter Arthur Street Ashfield  (PDF 197KB)

Consultation Plan Arthur Street Ashfield (PDF 287.4KB)

 Enmore/Newtown  Bailey Street and Enmore Road  Improving Safety and Traffic Calming  Consultation Letter Bailey Street Enmore (PDF 479KB)

Consultation Plan Bailey Street Enmore (PDF 230.1KB)

 Haberfield Ramsay Street  Pedestrian Refuge  

Consultation Letter  Ramsay Street Haberfield (PDF 183.7KB)

Consultation Plan  Ramsay Street Haberfield (PDF 501.5KB)

 Tempe Unwins Bridge Road   Proposed Signalised Pedestrian Crossing  

 Consultation Letter Unwins Bridge Road - Near Tilman Park  (PDF 221.2KB)

Consultation Plan Unwins Bridge Road Tempe (PDF 2.5MB)

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